Top 5 Tips When Purchasing Quality Leather Furniture

quality leather furniture

There is truly nothing like leather furniture. Leather is different from any other type of material, as it comes directly from an animal and isn’t made up of synthetic or fabric weaves. When taken care of, high-end leather can last a lifetime, and unlike other materials, leather only improves as it ages.

Our Guide | Ideas To Accent Your Brown Leather Reclining Sofa

brown leather reclining sofa

When looking to bring a natural, beautiful piece of furniture into your home, there’s truly nothing like leather. High-end leather furniture will only improve over time, as there truly is nothing like brilliantly aged and broken in leather. If you’re looking at adding a brown leather reclining sofa to your home, you won’t be disappointed. […]

What Is The Best Leather Furniture?

best leather furniture

When selecting the perfect piece of leather furniture, it is important to understand that not all kinds of leather are created equal. You’ve likely seen some leather sofas that look absolutely stunning, yet at the same time seen leather furniture that had you questioning whether or not the piece was even leather at all. In […]

How To Clean White Leather Furniture

white leather furniture

White leather can look truly beautiful in any space. Whether off white or pure, bright white, white leather furniture is trend-setting and  instantly draws the attention of guests when stepping foot into the room. However, the one drawback to white leather is any kind of imperfection or stain will instantly show. Even if the leather […]

Faux Leather vs Real Leather: How To Tell The Difference

When people shop for new leather furniture, they often get confused about the different terms used to describe leather upholstery. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in people buying something that might seem cheap but also won’t give them the long-lasting enjoyment they expected. One of the more common questions we hear from potential buyers is how […]

Leather Couch vs Fabric: Learn How To Pick The Right Upholstery Materials

Shopping for a new sofa always comes with plenty of questions about design, size, and color. But before you even get to that point, you need to decide on leather vs. fabric sofa upholstery. There are great reasons for both types of upholstery, and even though here at Leather Furniture USA, we specialize in high-quality […]