A Quick Guide To Leather Colors

leather colors

When furnishing your home with leather furniture, it won’t be the centerpiece of your living room if you make the wrong color choice. These days, you’ll find an enormous variety of leather colors ranging from neutrals to rich hues to suit your room. So you no longer need to refrain from purchasing leather because you want something other than different tones of brown or black for your interior decor. Take a look at how important it is to choose the right shade for your furniture.

Choosing Colors For All Interior Design Goals

We offer a great choice of leather of virtually all shades on the color spectrum, ranging from darker hues to those with just a hint of color.

So take a look at the following colors that are the most popular available and what their advantages are.


People usually associate black with classic leather, but it compliments almost every design. It’s a great accent color as it will make a bold statement in your room if you combine it with neutral shades of gray.

But if you want a contrast, try adding a couple of white or soft cream pillows or some lighter-colored accent pieces, which will give a warmer feeling to the room.

Dark Brown

Brown is a color that brings up images of traditional Chesterfield-style sofas or chairs. But you’ll also find classic dark brown in contemporary furniture as it adds a touch of elegance to a room.

As most brown shades have a warm undertone, cool-colored throws or pillows like blue or green will bring out the richness of the brown tone. And they’ll also add a feeling of calmness.

Light Brown

Light brown is a unique color with a warm earthy tone that often has a slightly red tint. It’s a perfect choice for traditional decor but also for a minimalist-style living space.

You’ll often find it matched with neutral shades. But, surprisingly, accent pieces in or a rich golden shade can be elegant and soothing and will help create a contemporary ambiance in your home.

Charcoal Gray

As charcoal is the darkest of the gray tones, it’s the perfect solution if you’re not interested in brown but find black too dark. This versatile, neutral color creates a feeling of elegance and richness and is suitable for all decor styles. And it doesn’t clash with any other color.

Pair it with blue, soft green, or red throws or pillows for a stunning effect. Or you can choose contrasting colors like white or bright gray.

Slate Gray

Slate is a more subtle gray tone with a slightly bluish tint. It’s lighter than charcoal, so it mixes well with black, white, blue, or other shades of gray. But to add some warmth, try bright colors, or green if you want a natural tone.

As this classic shade is timeless, it will match any interior decor. So it will be easy to integrate your leather furniture into your existing color scheme.


If you’re not a lover of white because you find it too dazzling, try a soft creamy shade. As cream has a yellowy tint, it suits modern and traditional styles. 

Combining cream with accent pieces in neutral palettes with a warmer tone like some shades of reds and oranges will give your room a cozy, inviting vibe. It will also look good with navy or gray accent pieces if you want a more sophisticated look.


Like cream, vanilla has a slightly yellow hue but with more pigment than cream.

It is an excellent alternative if you want a shade that will give your room a warm atmosphere. And it’s great for any decor style.

You could match it up with warmer tones such as orange and red. Or, if you prefer, go for more neutral shades with colors like black, white, brown, or gray.


As beige is a warm color between white and brown, it never goes out of fashion, so it is suitable for modern and traditional rooms.

And as you’ll find most flooring in this color, it will blend into your living room extremely well.

When mixed with grays and whites in a contemporary-style home, it creates a natural environment.

But you can also complement it with rich brown or burnt orange accents to give it a more interesting look.


Tan is one of the most popular colors of the beige spectrum and is a shade somewhere between white and caramel.

It’s a flexible option for any living room as it’s suitable for all decor styles.

For a timeless design, try out lighter, neutral colors. But you’ll need to complement it with more vibrant colors for a modern design. Pep it up with red, green, or blue accent pillows. Or if you prefer a warmer look, yellow and apricot would work well, too.


Although it’s slightly darker than cream or vanilla, it’s undoubtedly the lightest shade in the beige spectrum of leather colors. It’s a perfect choice to give a peaceful, relaxing feeling that is welcoming if you have a light-filled, airy living room. But it’s also suitable for any living space, whatever your decor.

To complement it, you should choose accessories from a cooler-toned palette, or you could add some darker colors.


Bright red could be too intense for many, but this doesn’t mean to say that you should avoid it altogether. Burgundy is an excellent alternative to red, but it is a slightly darker version with a trace of purple. It will mix well into any interior decor and give it an elegant, sophisticated look.

You can use accent pieces to either highlight or downplay the shade by using neutral colors such as white, black, or even brown if it has strong red undertones.


For something more colorful than beige, cream, or vanilla, go for a brighter shade of yellow and combine it with other neon shades such as orange or blue to make it eye-catching.

Or you can choose mustard or ochre and add some accents in gray, blue, red, or green to make the room feel cozier and more personal.

This color is suitable for all styles and helps create a feeling of warmth and sunshine, so your home will feel bright and inviting.


Whether you’re looking for olive or a deeper shade of green, there are enough shades to choose from.

An olive hue, a refined color that will add character to classic and modern decors, will look stunning with brown and beige accessories. 

But for other shades of green, you could add accessories in white, beige, or tan. Or, for a more colorful look, choose a variation of green or a cool shade of blue.


Blue is a favorite for many people because it is a cool shade. It blends into its surroundings easily and is suitable for all interior designs.

You’ll find that most colors work well with it, so it should match your existing color scheme. 

But you should add two or three different color accents like pink, rust, or deep yellow for your room to have a calming, warming atmosphere.

Aniline Vs Non-Aniline Dyes

Aniline leather has been dyed exclusively with a water-soluble dye that penetrates the leather to bring out the natural texture of the hide. The natural texture includes surface markings such as insect bites, scars, and scratches that occurred while the animal was still alive.

So instead of producing a uniform surface, the hide’s natural texture is retained by enhancing the color and giving the leather a slight color variation, making it unique. 

A semi-aniline dye keeps the natural beauty of leather without producing a uniform surface and enhances the color, too. But unlike leather treated with an aniline dye, the surface coating contains a slight amount of pigmentation. This process minimizes the chance of scratches appearing, but the leather still retains its natural appearance.

Manufacturers use these high-grade aniline dyes to enhance the shadings of full and top-grain leathers and ensure that the leather is smooth and the natural texture remains.

On the other hand, pigmented leather, such as synthetic and low-quality leathers, use non-aniline chemical dyes that penetrate deeper but give the material an artificial look.

Start Exploring Leather Color Options

As purchasing good-quality leather furniture is a significant investment, you’ll want to make the perfect choice to match your interior design. And for that, you’ll need an incredible palette of leather colors to choose from.

We have a great range  from bright to neutral colors. And with these colors, we can help you decide on the right shade to create the perfect piece of furniture that will match your color scheme.

Please call us if you have any questions or need help making a color decision for your furniture.

We’ll give you the best possible advice on combining great styles with amazing colors to give you an amazing finish that will transform your home.