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Leather Bar Stools – American Made

American made leather bar stools are made with great designs, comfort, and durability. All are handmade in North Carolina by leather artisans.

Our Leather Bar Stools Collection

Whether you’re looking for a bar stool to add to a dining room space, a man cave, or even a bar or restaurant, at Leather Furniture USA, we have a wide collection of American-made bar stools to suit every need. 

We’ve partnered with leading leather furniture manufacturers in the U.S. because we understand that these stools don’t just need to look great. 

Without the right use of frame materials and the highest quality leather, you’ll quickly see counter stools fade and look like they belong in a back alley speakeasy. 

And for us, it all starts with the leather quality. 

Why Is Full Grain Leather The Best Choice For Bar Stools? 

There are two main reasons why we only consider using full grain leather for bar stools. And it all comes down to the fact that they draw attention and can receive some heavy use. 

Toughest Quality Leather

Full grain leather maintains the toughest fibers of the hide, which make up the outer layer. Even though this isn’t the thickest layer, nature has ensured that animals are protected from external damage as much as possible. 

And by maintaining that layer, you can make sure that your bar stools don’t deteriorate from the slightest amount of traffic and use. 

Even if it’s only going to be at your kitchen island and not a busy bar, the way you tend to get on and off a bar stool will cause some friction between clothing and the leather. 

With full grain leather, that won’t be a problem; if anything, it will actually improve the look. 

Let me explain. 

Look And Feel Improves With Age

When full grain leather is exposed to the elements and regular contact with humans, then it starts to develop what is known as a patina effect. 

It’s almost like a polished appearance that brings out the natural graining and shading of the hide over time. 

It’s highly sought after by interior designers, to the extent that many people consider buying pre-owned leather furniture to get that effect much sooner. 

And for us, the only place to source such leather is from American factories. 

American Made Leather Bar Stools 

At Leather Furniture USA, we have created solid relationships with leading American furniture manufacturers. Through many years of cooperation, this has allowed us to bring our customers products that are the highest possible quality and 100% American made. 

Not only does the quality matter, but your investment in our leather bar stool range supports American businesses and the jobs market. 

You get the satisfaction that everything from the wood to the leather is sourced in America to the highest standards of craftsmanship. 

Different Styles Of Bar Stools 

So far, we’ve covered the importance of a full grain leather seat and American manufacturing quality. Next, you’ll need to look at your style options. 

Classic Design

The classic bar stool style might sound like it will be a slightly unstable simple wooden stool. But classic furniture design is very different. 

These bar stools will usually have a full grain brown leather seat and back. They will also have a solid wood frame and allow for comfortable seating in a kitchen or home bar setting. 

Modern Contemporary Design

For those people who have a more modern or minimalist approach to interior design, the contemporary barstool provides the perfect mix of modern simplicity and some subtle features from classic styles. 

It’s never an overstatement and will provide a comfortable seat for a modern kitchen space. The more compact designs available also make these stools more suitable for smaller spaces and apartments. 

Swivel Bar Stool

The swivel bar stool is ideal for both home and commercial use as it allows people to turn their bodies wherever the conversations might take them. 

Imagine having friends over at your home and being able to provide a comfortable and soft seat where your guests can turn 360 degrees as people come and go to have conversations.

High Backrest

For maximum comfort, you’ll want to consider a full grain leather counter stool with a high backrest. If you’re going to spend any length of time sitting on a stool, then you’ll want to make sure that it provides every level of comfort. 

But a high backrest does make the stool bulkier and more expensive. 

No Backrest

If you’ve got limited space available, then a low-back or even no-back style is going to be more suitable. The designs of these stools are generally compact, making them a lot easier to store away when they’re not in use. 

Types Of Frames And Padding 

The next thing you want to carefully choose is the type of frame and cushioned seat. 

Solid Wood Frame

You'll generally find full grain leather counter stool options that use a solid wood frame. These are visually a lot more pleasing and a lot lighter than the equivalent steel or other metal frames that would be required for the same level of support. 

The other advantage of wood frames is that they can be designed in a rustic or modern stylish way to suit every kind of environment. 

High-Density Foam

Investing in a full grain leather seat so that it will last for decades and then using low-grade foam for the seat and back padding is an all too common problem. 

The leather will last, but you could end up wasting a lot of money unless you also have high-density foam in the padding for long-lasting extra comfort. 

Browse Our Leather Bar Stool Collection

We have partnered with some of the leading manufacturing businesses in America to bring you full grain leather counter stool choices that provide the highest level of comfort and durability. 

They are all handmade in American factories combining the expert craftsmanship that will bring you a product that will last for years to come. 

Check out our best sellers and if you have any questions about the different available options, just use the contact number on the product pages.