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Top Grain Leather Sectionals

These American made classic leather sectionals are made by Classic Leather Furniture, Leathercraft and Comfort Design. All three factories are located in North Carolina. These brands are America’s premium quality makers of leather sectional sofas. These top grain leather sectionals are customized with your choice of top-grain leather, cushions, welting, nail head trim and exposed wood finish color. These sectionals come with free nationwide* in-home delivery plus no additional sales tax is required. For more information on top quality classic leather sectional sofas please click on a picture below:

Our Top Grain Leather Sectional Collection

Sectional sofas can be the ideal seating option for a family room to cater to a busy household. They are ideal because they combine maximum comfort while at the same time making the best of any limited space available. 

And when you’re shopping for leather furniture, you have to pay very close attention to the type and quality of the leather, and top grain leather is one of the best materials you could consider. 

To help you better understand why this leather is more expensive, we’ve put together this guide for our customers to better justify such a buying decision. 

Why Top Grain Leather Is Ideal For Sectional Sofas

The important thing to understand with top grain leather is that while manufacturers do remove the upper grain layer, this brings more flexibility in the tanning, coloring, and finishing process. 

As a result, there are three main things that benefit sectional sofas.


The first thing to say is that top grain leather is one of the most durable types of leather that is very hard-wearing but also soft to touch. 

And anything that will see a lot of human interaction in your living space will need to stand the test of time. 

What manufacturers also do in the final processing stages is add a protective layer that helps to avoid wear and tear and accidental damage to a leather sofa. 

Easy Maintenance

That same protective layer that is sprayed or rolled onto top grain leather also means that general maintenance and cleaning are so much easier. 

You’ll still need to apply the occasional conditioner. 

But when the inevitable accidental food or drink spill happens, then you’ll only need a damp cloth to wipe it away most of the time. 

As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy your sectional leather sofa a lot more, rather than having to worry about sticky hands and permanent food stains. 

Finishing Touches

And finally, top grain leather gives manufacturers a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing the finishing touches for color options and natural effects. 

Even with the top grain layer removed, the hide will still have unique shades that make every one stand out in its own way. 

Whether you prefer a completely uniform color scheme or an aniline dye to bring out those natural shades, our customers have great flexibility when they customize a sectional leather sofa. 

American Made Leather Sectionals

As our name suggests, Leather Furniture USA is all about sourcing the best quality top grain leather furniture from American manufacturing businesses. 

We ensure that the factories we partner with have the highest quality construction process using only the best craftsmen and women. 

As a result, you will be looking at leather sectional sofas in our collection that are of the highest possible standard, meaning that they will last for decades to come. 

While they are more expensive than imported sectionals, there’s just no way that imported products are able to compete from a quality and durability perspective. 

And by buying from our stock of sectionals made in the USA, you will also be supporting American jobs and families. 

How Does Top Grain Leather Upholstery Compare To Other Materials? 

If you’ve done any research into sectionals, then you might have seen a few other leathers used by other brands. 

To help you avoid leathers that could end up being a disappointment, we put together a quick leather buying guide.

Full Grain Leather

From a basic durability perspective, full grain leather can be classified as the toughest because it retains the strong fibers in the upper grain layer of the hide. 

It certainly has great benefits, and we stock sofas and other furniture with full grain leather as well, but it comes at a higher price.  

But top grain leather has the advantage of having almost the same durability with the added bonus of a protective layer to avoid staining.  

Faux Leather

Yes, there are leather furniture manufacturers that use a fully synthetic fake leather material that is completely unsuitable for a living room. 

While it might look like leather from a distance, and it might even have a soft and comfortable touch, it will offer almost no breathability or durability. 

As a result, you’ll start sweating on such sectionals very quickly, and the fake leather will start to fade, peel and split within a few years. 

Bonded Leather

This is a material that is common with imported leather furniture. It’s still technically leather because it uses animal hides, but they are chopped up into a powder and then mixed with a bonding agent. 

The result is something that feels like leather but has lost practically all of its durability. The end result is very similar to faux leather, and you’ll see cracks and peeling within a few years. 

Suede And Genuine Leather

And finally, there is something called genuine leather and suede. These are made from animal hides, but they have most of the tough upper layers completely removed. 

That leaves just the soft lower layers that might have uses for certain clothing accessories, but they won’t work well for sectionals. 

And because of all those downsides, we generally recommend that top grain leather furniture is the most suitable for a busy family home. 

Top Grain Leather Sectional Styles

All living rooms have a personal touch and design, and finding the right piece of seating furniture can be a daunting task.

But if you start by looking at the three main furniture styles, then you should be able to find a suitable solution to match your décor. 

Classic Style

Sectional sofas in the classic or traditional style will heavily rely on 19th-century French and British design features. 

The whole idea is to make a piece of furniture stand out in the home and take center stage. 

You’ll notice that classic sectional sofas will have a lot of ornate details and customization that draws in your attention. 

They also tend to be larger pieces in size with a lot of detail on exposed wood and even nail-head trim on the arms. 

Modern Style

On the opposite end of the design spectrum are different modern styles. It’s all about making an understatement and allowing the room or other items in the room to take center stage. 

You’ll notice subtle and sleek lines that create very geometric shapes, and there will be hardly any details like carved wood or nail-head trim. 

The whole idea is to invite you into a comfortable seat where you enjoy the rest of what the room has to offer. 

Contemporary Style

For anyone that likes the detail of a classic sectional but thinks it might be a bit too much for their living room, there is an option that tones it down a bit.

Contemporary furniture design is all about creating comfort with a visual impact that combines classic and modern styles. 

This results in less of a modern understatement while not trying to make it the center of attention either. 

Other Leather Sectional Design Features 

So, we’ve covered the importance of high-quality leathers and the main designs to look out for. But there are a couple of other things that go beyond the top grain leather upholstery. 

Foam Quality

If you want to experience maximum comfort for years to come, then you have to make sure that you only buy a sectional sofa with high-density foam. This doesn’t mean that it’s hard, but rather that the foam holds its shape and support.

This is particularly important for the seat cushions that have to carry most of the human weight. And with low-quality foam, you’ll end up with a sagging effect where you can even feel the springs underneath. 

Solid Hardwood Frame

The best material for sectional sofa frames is kiln-dried hardwood. That means using oak, beech, or maple for the frame construction, as anything else will eventually start to sag and even break.

And you don't want the experience of investing a lot of money in top grain leathers that can last decades, only for the frame to fall apart long before the leather fades. 


It’s always a good idea to budget for some accessories as well. These could include pillows and even a matching ottoman. 

The best thing about getting a matching ottoman made at the same time as the sectional sofa is that you’ll end up with the perfect color combination and avoid differences in texture and shade. 

Browse Our Top Grain Leather Sectional Collection Today

Whether you’re looking for a modern addition to your living space, or you want more variety with detailed wood carvings and nail-head trim, you’ll find some great options in our store.

Each of the sectional sofas allows for customization with different color choices to perfectly suit the corner of your room. 

And with all of our products made in the USA, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re investing in the best brands and materials. 

If you have any questions about the pieces of furniture you find, then use the contact number to speak with our customer service team.

We look forward to hearing from you.