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Comfort Design Leather Furniture

Comfort Design is considered one of the most premium quality makers of leather furniture in America, especially reclining leather furniture. This furniture is handmade with your selections of leather color in Asheboro NC. Comfort Design lifetime warranty on frame construction, seat and back springs, and manual recliner mechanism.

Our Comfort Design Furniture Collection

North Carolina-based furniture company Comfort Design has been a long partner of ours, and it’s one of those companies that take quality and customer satisfaction to a whole new level.

The company calls its approach American creativity, which is how customers can achieve a truly unique piece of furniture based on the ability to choose from highly customizable types and colors of upholstery.

We’ve had many customers return after purchasing a sofa or recliner and then looking to add further Comfort Design products to their homes. And because of the customizable style options, this is one company that makes it easy to find a suitable product for any home decor.

Let me show you what Comfort Design is all about.

The Comfort Design Furniture Company

As the name suggests, one thing our customers have all come to experience is that every chair and sofa from Comfort Design combines comfort with stylish design features and durability.

Hand-crafted in North Carolina, this company has ensured that style doesn’t end up compromising comfort. And that is noticeable in both the feel of the leather and the quality of the supporting foam in the cushions.

More on that shortly.

In essence, that’s what they call American creativity at its best.

Comfort Design also prides itself in the fact that every piece of furniture is designed and constructed by hand using only the most skilled craftspeople in North Carolina.

And what has drawn a lot more people to this brilliant furniture manufacturer is that sustainability and environmental practices have become part of all their business processes.

That has meant implementing processes to ensure all the leftover upholstery materials, wood, and foam find their way into the cycle economy.

Even the steel springs are sourced from manufacturers that work exclusively with recycled metal.

Highest Quality And Sustainability Standards

Every piece of furniture that Comfort Design introduces brings the same high-quality standard that customers have come to love and expect.

And here’s how the company achieves that.

Types Of Leather

Comfort Design only uses full and top grain leather upholstery. At a time when many other manufacturers have switched to cheaper and lower quality leather, this company has remained true to its durability requirements for every recliner and sofa they introduce.

The benefits are noticeable as soon as you first take a seat on your new sofa or chair and you feel and smell the leather.

Foam Support Choices

One thing you have to consider with foam is how long it will retain its support. Many cheap types of foam might feel comfortable when you first sit on a recliner or sofa. But that comfort might fade within just a few months.

At comfort design, you have a choice of two great types, including one that aims to support your posture. And the quality is so high that it will retain that cushion support in the chair or sofa no matter how much time you spend on it.

Solid Wood Frames

There is no point investing a lot of money in high-quality leather recliners or sofas only for the upholstery to outlast the rest of the furniture. If the frame structure is not made of solid wood or metal, then the furniture will deform and even break a lot sooner than you might think.

It’s the same for chairs, loveseats, and multi-seat sofas; don’t ever compromise on the frame quality.

Visual Impact

Comfort Design also offers a great range of finishing touches for the exposed parts of the furniture. That includes multiple choices for nailhead trim, metal structure, and visible parts of the wood frame and legs of chairs and sofas.

With most other manufacturers, you won’t get close to that level of quality and customization. And what surprises most of our customers is the reasonable price that Comfort Design charges for such quality.

Types Of Comfort Design Furniture

Before you start to shop on our website for a new comfortable addition to your living room or bedroom, let me give you a quick overview of the types of furniture Comfort Design has to offer.

Comfort Design Chairs

From full-size tufted leather chairs, a comfortable recliner, or a chair with swivel function, you’ll have a great choice of functional and design features to suit your lifestyle and room design.

Comfort Design has crafted all the furniture to provide maximum comfort and ergonomic support so that you can enjoy it as much as you want.

Comfort Design Recliners

If you want a great recliner for maximum relaxation, then Comfort Design has some excellent choices. These include comfortable recliners with battery-operated and motorized features, just in case you want the lazy option to suit your home cinema room.

A recliner is the type of furniture that can really add a finishing touch to a room, and Comfort Design offers some of our most in-demand products.

Comfort Design Sofas

And finally, there is a large range of sofas. Whether you want a small sofa with two seats or a big one to suit the whole family, you’ll find exactly what you need in Comfort Design’s hand-crafted range.

You also have plenty of style choices to match your existing room decor. That includes beautiful rolled arms, tufted upholstery, or simple and sleek modern lines.

Browse Our Comfort Design Furniture

Comfort Design’s furniture collection hand-crafted in North Carolina is going to give you that wow factor for any kind of living space. From the highest quality upholstery to exceptionally well-made frames, you’ll be investing in durable furniture that can last a lifetime.

And because it’s a 100% North Carolina, American-made piece of furniture you’re buying, you’ll be fully supporting the American economy, real jobs, and the families of the exceptional employees at Comfort Design.

And if you need any accessories for your new furniture, then ask one of our team members for assistance while you shop on our website.

We have many options to meet all your needs and look forward to hearing from you.