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Leather Swivel Chairs

These leather swivel chairs come with swivel base or 4 legs, your choice. Select from many styles of leather swivel chairs which are all made by the top quality furniture manufacturers located in North Carolina; Classic Leather, Leathercraft and Comfort Design. They all come with free nationwide* residential in-home delivery and sales tax is not required by us. Click on any of the below leather swivel chairs for details.

Our Leather Swivel Chairs Collection

Adding a swivel chair to your living room is a great way to add extremely comfortable seating without taking up a huge amount of space. And executive-style swivel chairs can transform your home office experience. 

But you have to be careful with the quality standards of the upholstery, frame, and swivel mechanism to ensure that your chair will last for years and still look as great as it did the first day. 

Here at Leather Furniture USA, we have carefully chosen American manufacturers to bring you the best quality swivel chairs. 

Let me show you what we have to offer. 

Advantages Of Swivel Chairs

These are the main reasons why a leather swivel chair can be the perfect addition to your home. 

Leather Office Swivel Chairs

When you consider that an average working day could account for you sitting in the chair for about eight hours, it's vital for it to be comfortable and durable.

But let's be honest, if you're going to work from home, you'll want your office chair not only to be comfortable and practical, but you'll also want it to look good. And our collection of swivel chairs stands out because we can offer you a great range of design and color choices to match your home office. 

Leather Living Room Swivel Chairs

Adding a leather swivel chair to a living room is a great idea if you want to provide more space-saving seating arrangements. These chairs take up a lot less room than a small sofa or recliner, but they can still offer the same level of comfort. 

Swivel chairs also offer you more flexibility in turning them in the direction of a conversation, TV show, or simply enjoying the view out of a window. 

Maximize Available Seating

When you don't have a lot of space to spare in your home, then large chairs, loungers, or recliners are not a convenient option. Choosing a smaller swivel chair instead will give you the additional seating you need without causing too much clutter. 

Ideal For Different Rooms

The great thing about a swivel chair is that it doesn't have to be confined to an office or a living room.

It's suitable for a family room and even any other room in your home. And, as it's easy to move, you'll be able to relax on your chair and enjoy the flexibility and comfort it offers while still being together with your family.

You won't even need to worry about it matching your home décor as they're available in many different colors and styles.

Best Leather Quality For Swivel Chairs

Here at Leather Furniture USA, we make sure that our customers have the best possible choice of leather. And that means we only stock two types of upholstery. 

Top Grain Leather Swivel Chairs

A top grain leather swivel chair is one of the best choices you can make, as it's a beautiful leather that is easy to clean.

The manufacturing process involves sanding down the tough outer layer of the hide and removing imperfections like scars and scratches. It becomes softer and more flexible to work with and gives the leather a more uniform finish.

This process also allows for adding a stain-resistant coating that means most spills can be wiped away with a damp cloth. 

You also have the option of an aniline dye that can be applied at the end of the process to bring out the color and natural shading of the hide.

Full Grain Leather Swivel Chairs

If you want to create a unique atmosphere in your room, then check out a full-grain leather swivel chair. It comes at a higher price due to the time-consuming manufacturing process. But it's an investment that will pay off in the long term.

As with top grain leather, only superior quality hides are used. But the tough outer layers are left intact, including any natural scratches and scars. 

The color and the imperfections of the hide are enhanced with an aniline or semi-aniline dye that gives the leather character giving each beautiful leather chair a completely unique look.

Important Quality Features For Swivel Chairs

When shopping for a swivel chair, you need to consider more than just the upholstery material to ensure that it will last for many decades. 

Steel Swivel Mechanism

While lower grade metals will work perfectly fine for a while, any kind of rusting or deforming of such products will make a swivel chair noisy and potentially unsafe. 

That's why we only offer swivel chairs that have a steel swivel mechanism giving you an extremely sturdy base that offers maximum comfort, safety, and enjoyment. 

Ergonomic Design Features

The ergonomic design features of a swivel chair are important when you consider that you'll possibly spend quite a long time sitting on it. You need to weigh up the health implications of purchasing a chair that isn't ergonomically suitable.

One of the important features to look for in an office swivel chair is that it's adjustable for height and backrest angle so that you can sit with an ideal posture at a desk. 

Solid Hardwood Frame

When shopping for a swivel chair, you'll need to avoid anything made from pine or plywood as they won't give you the support you need. Pine and plywood frames aren't hard enough, so you can't expect them to be sturdy, so they'll soon start to sag and become uncomfortable.

The frames of our chairs are all made from kiln-dried hardwood like solid ash, maple, oak, or acacia to give you the most durable chair money can buy. 

High-Density Foam Cushions

Many manufacturers cut costs by using low-density foam in seat cushions. And while they might feel perfectly fine when you first sit on them, the foam will lose its support within a few months or years. 

This is something you can avoid by only choosing swivel chairs that use high-density foam. You'll have maximum comfort and support that will last for decades. 

Handmade Manufacturing Processes

A lower-quality chair will not only be made from lower-quality material but will also be manufactured using robotic machines. This often results in the products being less durable.

We only offer hand-made chairs made from superior quality materials by highly qualified craftspeople. The time spent during the production process ensures that all our products are of the highest quality possible.

Due to these handcrafted techniques, you can expect our furniture to give you maximum durability and also offer you lasting comfort.

American-Made Swivel Chairs

Our main priority is to provide our customers with the absolute best quality that American furniture manufacturers have to offer. And that's why we offer leather swivel chairs produced from superior quality leather, kiln-dried hardwood frame, and high-density foam cushions.

In addition, all our furniture is hand-made by highly qualified craftspeople in America. These are family-owned and run businesses that have a long history of only employing the most skilled people available. 

And you can also be proud of supporting the American economy and jobs with every purchase you make.

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When you browse through our collection, you'll be surprised at the choice you have, no matter what colors or style you are looking for. We aim to give you the inspiration you need to make you ready to purchase the right swivel chair for your home.

Please contact us if you need any further details about any of our products. You'll find our contact details on each product page.

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