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Top Grain Leather Reclining Sofas

These leather reclining sofas are both comfortable and beautiful. They are also durable, long lasting and most important comfortable. Why these leather sofa recliners are so good is because of the quality that has been built in to each sofa. All of these leather reclining sofas are built in America by skilled leather furniture craftsman. Even the reclining mechanism is built in America. Classic Leather, Leathercraft and Comfort Design are the makers of these leather reclining sofas and all are located in the furniture capital of America, North Carolina. Click on a picture for details.

Our Top Grain Leather Reclining Sofa Collection

A leather sofa with a reclining section can be an amazing addition to any living room. 

Not only does such a sofa provide the highest level of comfort, but top grain leather also brings a level of quality that will make sure that you spend your money on something that can potentially last for decades. 

But before you start to shop for a new addition to your home, there are a few important things you need to understand about top grain leather to justify your buying choice. 

And there are a couple of other items to consider before buying any kind of recliner. 

Let’s start with the leather quality. 

Why Top Grain Leather Should Be Your First Choice 

Top grain leather is one of the best choices you can make from a quality perspective. And there are four things that we need to point out to help you understand why it’s such a good choice. 

1. Durability

When you spend a lot of money on a new sofa or any type of leather furniture, then it’s important to make sure it will last for decades and not just a couple of years. 

It’s heartbreaking to start seeing worn-out leather after enjoying your reclining sofa for two years only to be told that there is no warranty or any way to fix it. 

What top grain leather provides is a manufacturing process that leaves the majority of the hide intact and only removes a thin outer layer. 

While this layer is tough, it also makes the hide hard to work with. And manufacturers have managed to come up with ways to add synthetic protection layers onto top grain leather. 

2. Easy Maintenance

With a protective layer sprayed or rolled onto top grain leather, there is less of a need for constantly staying on top of maintaining leather. 

See, leather material will start to break down and crack when it’s exposed to everything from sunlight to pets, and even just the normal usage of a recliner sofa will add friction to the back and seat cushions. 

To keep it looking and feeling great, that means regularly applying a conditioner, but top grain leather is a bit more forgiving. 

When the inevitable food or drink spill happens, you simply need a damp cloth to wipe it clean. No need for specialty cleaning products to avoid a permanent stain. 

3. Better Protection

Now, unless you’re going to enforce a strict rule of no food or drink near your leather recliner sofa, there’s going to be the occasional accident. 

It doesn’t even have to be the dreaded glass of red wine to ruin an expensive piece of furniture. 

Anything from juice to some greasy snacks can do a lot of damage to leather, but a high-quality top grain leather can provide a great level of protection against that. 

What manufacturers do is add a protective layer once the animal hide has been fully treated and dyed. This barrier stops food and drinks from penetrating into the lower layers of the leather where they would otherwise leave a permanent stain. 

4. More Choices For Color

Because the upper layer of the hide has been removed for top grain leather, there is a bit more flexibility when it comes to applying different dyes and pigmentations. 

You can choose from aniline dyes that give a sofa or chair a more natural look by highlighting the different shades in the hide. 

Or you can choose a completely uniform color design that is particularly suitable for a modern living space. 

American Made Reclining Sofa 

Our top grain leather reclining sofas are of the best possible quality, and when you compare the craftsmanship to imported furniture, then you quickly see why there is a premium price on American-made furniture. 

All of the leather furniture in our collection, including sofas and recliners, comes from carefully chosen American factories. 

We work with just a few manufacturers that have a proven track record of producing recliners to the highest possible standards and sourcing leather from the best stocks around the world including South America and Europe. 

Everything from the top grain leather upholstery to the metal or hardwood frame is assembled in factories based in the USA. 

And making such a decision doesn’t just ensure that our customers get to enjoy their recliner sofa for decades to come but also supports American workers and their families.  

How Does A Top Grain Leather Reclining Sofa Compare To Other Leathers?

So, we’ve covered why top grain leather is such a good choice. But why is it a better option to a different leather sofa and loveseat options?

Let’s show you a comparison in this quick leather buying guide. 

Full Grain Leather

In many ways, it’s possible to argue that full grain leather is the highest quality of leather because it leaves the entire hide intact. With the tough grain layer remaining in place, it is technically longer-lasting than top grain leather.

But that doesn’t factor in synthetic protection layers added to the top grain. 

So, you might sacrifice a little bit on durability, but you gain a lot of water and stain resistance which could be important for a busy family home. 

Faux Leather

This should not be on your list of potential upholstery materials for a recliner sofa or loveseat. 

All this fancy term refers to is that it uses a completely synthetic, or fake, leather upholstery, and that material isn’t even remotely as durable as top grain leather. 

Don’t be fooled into choosing faux leather for any kind of furniture that you plan to use in seating areas. 

Genuine Leather

This is another clever marketing term that makes low-quality leather sound a lot more appealing. 

It’s predominantly made of the soft lower layers of a hide, and they are not suitable for a recliner as they are prone to tear and stain easily, compared to top grain leather. 

Bonded leather

And finally, you’ll sometimes see a cheap recliner that looks and feels like real leather but uses a highly processed bonded upholstery. 

What this refers to is a manufacturing process that chops up leftover pieces of hide into a powder. It’s then mixed with a bonding agent to make upholstery that is likely to peel and tear very quickly. 

As you can see, if you want the perfect combination of durability and stain protection, then your top choice should be top grain leather. 

Choosing The Right Reclining Sofa Style

Once you have decided on the type of leather upholstery for your reclining loveseat or sofa, it’s time to look at some different styles. 

While every piece of furniture in our collection has a unique design, it’s possible to group them into a few styles that can help you to narrow down your search. 

Classic And Traditional Style

Classic furniture styles tend to make reclining sofas the center of attention in a living space. And it all comes back to 19th-century French and British styles, which made furniture large and with a lot of detail added to it. 

This can include tufted leather, extremely detailed and prominent stitching, and nailhead trim that really provide that wow effect and draw in your attention. 

It can be the perfect style for a home theater where the sofas take up the stage. 

Modern Style

At the other extreme is the modern style that is in a class of its own. A modern sofa or loveseat is meant to be an understatement but still invites you to enjoy a very comfortable recliner to take in the space around you. 

Think of it as sleek lines, simple geometric shapes, and side-arms that don’t impose but still provide maximum comfort. 

Contemporary Style

And then there’s the contemporary design that combines a little bit of the traditional and modern styles. 

You won’t see as many intricate features, but the results also make it less of an understatement. For people who are not quite sure what might suit their homes, it might be a good idea to start with a contemporary style to see if it will match the existing décor. 

Different Types Of Reclining Sofa Mechanisms 

The reclining mechanism is the next thing you should carefully think about and especially if you should shop for a power recliner or mechanical one. 

Here's what you should consider. 


A mechanical reclining chair or sofa will have some sort of lever to release the mechanism, and then you use your body weight to push back or forward to adjust the recline position. 

Yes, it’s not the same cool convenience you get with power recliners where you just push a button.

But there are some advantages.

First of all, you won’t need to be close to a socket to plug it in or rely on some rechargeable battery. 

Secondly, it’s one less thing that could fail over time, meaning that you might be choosing a longer-lasting solution. 


An electric reclining mechanism is a really cool gadget to have, and power recliners have become a lot more popular. 

One of the main advantages is that they tend to have a lot more reclining positions, so you can always adjust it to your exact preference. 

And some of these products also have power headrests to give you even more comfort options. 

Reclining Leather Sofa Frame Materials 

One thing should always be a deal-breaker when you shop for furniture in general. 

There’s no point spending a lot of money on top grain leather, only for the frame of the sofa or chair to break into pieces long before the leather has worn out. 

That’s why we only recommend these two types of frame materials. 

Solid Hardwood Frame

When it comes to a hardwood frame, it’s also important to make sure that the wood has been kiln-dried to maximize its lifespan. It wouldn't be uncommon for a high-quality piece of furniture with solid oak, beach, or maple to last 40 years or more.

Metal Frame

Now, it’s quite a lot more common to find a power reclining sofa that has some form of a metal frame. This is an especially good material for those parts of the frame that move, as metal should provide better functionality and less wear from the actual movement. 

From a look and feel, it won't make much of a difference, but if you are looking at metal frames, then make sure they are either steel or aluminum to avoid rusting. 

The Importance Of The Foam Material

The final thing you should check is the type of foam used in the seat and back cushions, as well as the arms of the recliner sofa. 

High-Density Foam

This is one of those details you shouldn’t skip over. Unless the sofa has cushions with high-density foam, you will experience a gradual decrease in comfort levels. 

What happens with lower quality foam is that it loses its shape and support, resulting in a sagging effect. You can see this effect if you notice that a sofa has a permanent butt imprint where the foam hasn’t maintained its normal shape. 

Memory Foam Topping

A great way to get maximum comfort and back support is to consider a recliner with a memory foam topper. This is generally the highest possible quality foam that will completely bounce back to its original shape every time you get up. 

It also tends to mold to your body, offering a lot more support for your back, neck, and joints. As a result, you should end up with fewer pressure points and less discomfort at a time when you just want to enjoy your favorite TV show. 

Browse Our Leather Reclining Sofa Collection

No matter what kind of seating area in your home you’re planning to add a new recliner sofa, we have a large range of items that will match any kind of interior design. 

All of our products are also guaranteed to come from American factories to ensure you get the best possible quality. 

Each piece of furniture is handcrafted by highly skilled craftspeople, meaning that you will get to enjoy it in your family home for decades to come. 

If you have any questions about our products, then use the contact number or form on each product page.

We look forward to hearing from you.