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Custom Leather Sofas

Our Custom Leather Sofas

When making a purchase, most people are looking for top-quality sofas that are unique. For this, we give our customers the option of sofas made from high-quality full-grain leather. Due to the natural imperfections of the hide, each sofa becomes unique.

But we also go a step further by offering you the chance to customize the sofa you choose to individualize this unique appearance.

So let’s look at how to make the most out of custom leather furniture.

Why Is Customizing Your Leather Sofa Important

Furniture is an important aspect in influencing how comfortable you and your family are in your home. That’s why we believe that custom furniture is an excellent way of offering you the ultimate in comfort.

By taking advantage of our offers, you’ll be able to customize your own sofa. There’s no better way of getting a sofa that is unique, and that will perfectly match your interior design.

With our custom leather furniture, we can offer styles to suit everyone.

Our Simple Custom Leather Sofa Process

We can offer you many custom options where you’ll be able to create your own leather furniture.

And because our custom furniture is all made by highly qualified craftspeople in  family-owned businesses in America, you’ll invest in the best possible quality.

But first, you’ll need to know what steps to take to be able to customize your sofa to perfection.

Step 1: Choose A Sofa Style From Our Collection

There are so many different sofa styles available that it can be difficult to choose the right one when purchasing a new sofa. And we probably have the largest selection available for you.

So how do you make a choice?

Reclining sofas are a good choice if you like to relax on your sofa after a hard day.

But if you often have overnight visitors, you may want to consider a sleeper sofa. Sectionals would also be an option here if you just have occasional sleep-overs.

Or maybe your preference is for a love seat.

Your first step is to browse our sofa collection and decide on the right style and size. 

Step 2: Select From A Huge Range Of Colors

Once you’ve chosen the style that you feel is right for you, you’ll need to consider which color will suit your living room best.

We have possibly the largest selection of leather colors and shadings available to help you make a choice. As all our furniture is made from top-grade leathers, our sofas can be treated with an aniline dye. This dye penetrates the lower layers of the hide to enhance the leather color and the imperfections of the hide.

That ultimately gives you an amazing color range to make your new sofa perfectly match your room. 

Step 3: Pick The Right Style Of Arms

An advantage of our custom leather furniture is that you’ll also be able to choose the arm style that you like best for your leather sofa.

If you’re going for the more traditional look, you should consider a rolled arm sofa. It’s a really elegant design that’s also extremely comfortable. The gentle flow of these arms is what helps the sofa to fit into any home decor.

But if you prefer, you can have track arms, which are straight and more versatile. These will blend in with both traditional and modern styles.

Step 4: Match Up The Right Backrest

For the backrest, we offer two choices for our leather furniture. Here you can choose between boxed bordered and knife-edged backrests.

As you can imagine, boxed borders take the shape of a box with squared off ends. And that square edge is neat in appearance to integrate well with track arms.

A knife-edged backrest only has one edge, but there are two possibilities of finishing off the edges. The corners can either be pleated to give them a more tailored look or else left pointed as with pillows. These are far more casual looking and are very comfortable.

Step 5: Decide On The Style Of Legs

If you want a leather sofa with a fresh, simple design, then we can offer you round or square tapered legs. These legs are narrower at the bottom than at the top so add character to the visual effect.

Round tapered legs suit well in a modern design decor as they are shorter and rounder than the legs of other traditional styles.

But if you already have other leather furniture with square tapered legs, it would be better to coordinate the legs.

Step 6: Choose The Seat Cushion Design

While all of our seat cushions have high-density foam, you have some great options for the visual effect. 

The straight cushion design ensures that the front of the seat cushion perfectly aligns with the front edge of the arms. There is no overlap, and it gives the sofa a clean geometric appearance. 

Another option is the T-cushion, where the front edge of the seat overlaps in front of the arms. The result of this is a much deeper seat and a more elegant and intricate design. 

Step 7: Add Nailhead Trim Style

The last point to consider is whether you want to add extra detail to your sofa by including nailhead trim.

Nailhead trim offers an attractive visual effect if you are looking for a traditional-style leather sofa. It is possible to add this to most of our custom leather furniture. And as mentioned above, you’ll even have the option of customizing the style and color of the nailhead.

Start Your Custom Leather Sofa Today

Our customers have always been really satisfied with their custom leather furniture. They are proud of what they created and even enjoyed the great experience of designing their own leather sofa.

Start your own customization and browse through our large collection of sofas to see for yourself how you can create a sofa to your own specifications.

If you need any help, we can be contacted by phone or the contact form on the individual product pages.

We look forward to being of assistance to you.