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Leathercraft Leather Furniture

For over 50 years, Leathercraft has manufactured the finest leather seating available. Located in the highlands of Western North Carolina, an area with the greatest concentration of skilled craftspeople in the country, these skilled people are the backbone of Leathercraft’s enduring quality.

Their goal is to produce upholstered furniture to the highest standards possible utilizing the best materials and employing true tested manufacturing techniques. In doing so, we want to simplify the ordering process while providing you the opportunity to specify the product that fulfills your requirements

Each piece has 100’s of leather colors, your choice. CLICK picture for DETAILS.

Our Leathercraft Furniture Collection

Leathercraft Furniture is one of our leading manufacturing partners, and our customers have come back to us to order additional items with the specific request that it has to be from Leathercraft.

That says an awful lot about how much Leathercraft is dedicated to setting the highest levels of standards in the industry.

And just as importantly, those standards come with the satisfaction of knowing that your purchase supports real manufacturing jobs in America.

Let me introduce you to one of our most sought-after American manufacturers from North Carolina.

The Leathercraft Furniture Company

Leathercraft Furniture is one of America’s leading makers of bespoke leather furniture while still using many handmade manufacturing techniques.

Based in the highlands of Western North Carolina, this company has been operating for over 50 years, creating amazing quality for customers all over the country.

One of the main reasons we have partnered with Leathercraft Furniture is because of their heavy focus on hiring highly skilled craftspeople that make up the backbone of the entire operation.

While many other manufacturers rushed to machines and robots to cut costs of leather furniture, this company remained true to its mission statement: “Our goal is to produce upholstered furniture to the highest standards possible utilizing the best materials and employing true tested manufacturing techniques.”

Those techniques that this company has perfected over five decades have produced products that can last as long as this company has been in existence.

And it all comes down to attention to detail that goes beyond what you see on the outside.

Every single part of the furniture is made with materials that are of the highest possible quality. From the leather hides to the solid hardwood frames and the techniques of tying the springs and the frame, this company has been leading the way in the furniture industry for decades.

Let’s take a look at some of their furniture designs.

Types Of Leathercraft Furniture

Whatever your home might need, Leathercraft has a seating solution to suit your needs and interior decor.

Leathercraft Sofas

Leathercraft Furniture has possibly got one of the largest selections of sofa style available in America. Whether you have a small modern apartment or a large country villa, the sofas in the online showrooms will suit all types of requirements.

Leathercraft Chairs And Recliners

Another part of their product range that has been in high demand is the selection of chairs and recliners. If you look through our online showrooms, you’ll see every possible style, size, and comfort level imaginable. Leathercraft has created a great selection of recliners, and the company also makes multi-seater sofas where parts of those sofas have a recliner function built-in.

Leathercraft Stools

Adding leather furniture to your man cave or kitchen is easy with one of Leathercraft’s bar stools. You have a great choice of colors and highly durable leather upholstery; these are furniture pieces that will suit every type of home.

Leathercraft Loveseats

A great leather furniture option for smaller spaces, these loveseats will comfortably seat two people, but they don’t take up as much space due to smaller dimensions. With a great choice of leather colors and a selection of detailed trim and wood, you can make these match any kind of room design.

Leathercraft Sectionals

Sectional leather furniture is a fantastic way to maximize the use of space to provide as many seating opportunities as possible.

They are particularly suitable for family rooms and even home cinemas for families, and with the right upholstery leather, you won't have to be too worried about spills and stains.

You can even get a sectional sofa design that adds a recliner to a section of the sofa to gain even more comfort for your family.

Leathercraft Ottoman

One thing you should always consider when you’re investing money in sofas or chairs is to pick some leather furniture accessories like an ottoman. When you buy these kinds of products at the same time, you can make sure that the leather colors and shades perfectly match.

That’s something that you might not be able to achieve if you buy them at the same time.

Leathercraft Executive Chairs

Leathercraft also has a great selection of executive office leather furniture, including swivel chairs for boardrooms.

What these chairs also provide is an opportunity to kit out your home office with maximum comfort and back support.

Customized Leather Furniture

One of the reasons that we have partnered with Leathercraft for many years is that they allow for a huge selection of customizable details.

And that means you have full opportunity to create your own unique design options with the following choices:

  • Type, color, and shading of the leathers
  • Nailhead trim details
  • Wood type and finish
  • Fabric choices
  • Powdercoat finish on exposed metal

There are literally dozens of different choices in every single one of those categories. And when you combine those with the specific furniture design and style model you have chosen, then it’s possible for you to receive a pretty much once-off unique design.

And while that might seem like a complicated ordering process, Leathercraft has made this as simple as possible so that you don’t have to spend hours figuring out what will work best.

And if you have any problems with this process, then our team is available to help. Simply click on the product design you would like to find out more about, and then use the contact number to talk to our customer service team.

Browse Our Leathercraft Furniture Collection Today

If you want to make sure that you invest in the best possible American-made quality for your leather furniture, then browse the Leathercraft style collection on our site.

All the products are made in North Carolina and ship directly to your home. And with the large range of customizable features and colors, you can be certain to find the ideal combination to perfectly suit your interior home design.

Once you find a suitable product, simply contact us for details on how to order and expected delivery times.

We look forward to hearing from you.