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Custom Leather Recliners

Our Custom Leather Recliner Options

You will find many reclining sofas in our collection of leather furniture. And they are all produced from high-quality top-grain or full-grain leather. And while the top and full-grain leather provide a unique effect to each of them, you can take it one step further. 

Our manufacturing partners allow you to design a custom-made recliner to your own personal specifications. It’s an easy process that allows you to perfectly match up with your home style. 

Let me tell you about how this process works.

Why Is Customizing Your Recliner Sofa Important

If you want a recliner sofa that is a little bit different and will match your living room decor, then custom leather furniture is just the thing for you. Your sofa will not only look absolutely beautiful in your living room but will also offer you the ultimate in comfort.

We have a large collection of recliner sofas for you to choose from, and you can customize them to your own specifications. When you do this, you'll be sure that what you purchase will complement your interior design.

Whatever style of decor you have, you'll definitely find a recliner to suit your needs in our collection. 

Our Simple Custom Recliner Process

Designing your personalized leather recliner starts with a great range of custom leather recliners.

All our sofas are made of superior quality leather. And they're produced by highly qualified craftspeople in family-owned businesses in America, so you can be sure of excellence.

But let me give you an overview of the steps you'll need to take for custom leather furniture.

Step 1: Choose A Recliner Style From Our Collection

With different styles to choose from, it's often difficult for customers to know whether they're making the right choice. The first thing to consider is the decor of your room.

The classic style decor is more traditional, so you'll need ornate features like carved wood and nailhead trim.

But if your room is furnished in contemporary style, these intricate details will be too much. Then you'd need something sleek and simple instead.

Or maybe you're looking for a minimalistic modern style that finds its roots in the 1900s.

Whatever you're looking for, you'll find a suitable leather recliner in our collection.

Step 2: Decide On The Leather Color And Shade

All our custom leather furniture is produced from high-quality leather. You have the choice of a highly durable full-grain leather where the top layer of the hide has been left intact. Or we can offer you top grain leather where the outer layer has been sanded down. It's not quite as durable as full-grain, but it does have a protective layer that makes it stain-resistant.

Both these types of leather can be treated with an aniline dye that penetrates the leather to enhance the original color.

This enables us to offer you a wide choice of colors for your custom-made leather recliner sofa.

So check out our color charts.

Step 3: Pick The Ideal Arms

As our custom furniture pays attention to detail, you'll even be able to choose your own style of arm rest for your sofa.

If you want your recliner to blend in, whether you have a traditional or a more modern style living room, then you should go for track arms. These straight, box-shaped arms are completely versatile.

But maybe you want the traditional elegant look of a rolled-arm sofa. These can be really comfortable and blend in well with any home decor. They also make the recliner take center stage in your living room. 

Step 4: Check Out The Backrest Options

Choosing a custom-made backrest is another advantage when you purchase a custom-made sofa from us.

You have two options with our recliners: knife-edged and boxed bordered.

The knife-edged backrest just has one edge that can be given a tailored look by pleating it. Or, if you prefer, it can remain pointed just like a pillow. This is a very casual style suitable for modern decor and is also very comfortable.

The boxed bordered backrest has a square edge and looks very neat. If you've chosen track arms, this will integrate well with them.

Step 5: Look At The Style Of Legs

You'll need to consider the design you've chosen when thinking about what kind of legs your recliner should have. The square and round tapered legs that we offer are wider at the top than the bottom and will give your sofa character.

If you have a modern design home decor, it would be better to go for round tapered legs as they are shorter than square tapered legs.

But don't forget. You'll need to coordinate the legs to those of any other furniture you have in your room.

Step 6: Choose The Seat Cushion Design

When you sit on your sofa, you'll want the cushions to be comfortable. And we can guarantee that as all our cushions are made from high-density foam.

But the visual effect is also extremely important.

If you want a sofa with a geometric appearance, you should go for a straight cushion design. This will align perfectly with the front edge of the arms without any overlap.

Or maybe you are looking for something more intricate and elegant. Then check out the T-cushion, as this will give you overlap of the front edge of the seat.

Step 7: Add Nailhead Trim

The last point to mention is whether or not you want further trims on your sofa. If so, you can do this by adding nailhead trim. You'll find a good assortment to choose from in our collection that provides different sizes and visual effects. 

This is a great choice if you're going for a traditional style leather recliner as the visual effect is really attractive. You can add this to most of our custom leather furniture. You'll even be able to color-coordinate the nailheads to the color of the leather.

Start Your Recliner Sofa Customization Now

When you create your own reclining sofa, you'll look at it with pride for many years to come. This is what we've heard from many of our customers who purchased our custom furniture.

So now's the time for you to browse through our large collection of reclining sofas and narrow your choices down to the styles that best suit your interior design. 

Then, simply contact our customer service team to guide you through your customization choices. You can contact us by phone or via the contact form found on each individual product page.

We'll be happy to help you.