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Top Grain Leather Sofa – American Made

Buy USA made top grain leather sofas and loveseats that are made by top quality makers of leather living room furniture. American made classic leather sofas and loveseats from Classic Leather, Comfort Design and Leathercraft. These sofas are customized with your choice of leather type, leather grade and leather color, plus nail head trim and exposed wood finish color. These classic leather sofa manufacturers hand make all of their furniture in North Carolina. Only premium top-grain leather hides are used on these leather sofas. Click on a picture below for more information.

Our Leather Sofas Collections

Adding a leather sofa to your home or business can seem like a significant expense. And you have to fully justify any significant expense for furniture, especially when there seems to be no shortage of “cheap” leather sofas.

While full grain leather sofas are generally the most expensive type you will find, there are very good reasons behind those higher prices.

With the information on this page, you’ll find out why full grain leather is the best option compared to other choices and what other features to focus on to make sure you make the best possible investment. 

Why Full Grain Leather Is A Great Choice For Sofas

Unless you’re shopping for a living room that serves a purely decorative purpose, you’ll need to look at more than just the visual appearance of a sofa. 

And that means starting with a furniture upholstery that provides maximum durability without sacrificing the look and feel. 

Tough And Durable Sofa Material

What sets full grain leather apart from other types is that the outer grain layer of the leather hide isn’t removed before the tanning process. 

Even though that outer layer is relatively thin, it contains the toughest fibers making it ideal for a leather sofa that is going to see a lot of use. That could be in a busy family home or an active office environment. 

But what you might not realize is that those tough outer fibers also provide a visual benefit. 

Beautiful And Unique Appearance

Compared to other leather types, full grain maintains all the natural imperfections from environmental factors that the animal experienced. 

What does that mean?

Basically, everything from insect bites to scratches from barbed wire fences will leave a mark, and that adds a level of uniqueness to every hide. 

The other thing that the grain layer provides is natural shading. 

When full or semi-aniline leather dyes are used, then you don’t end up with a uniform and smooth color. Instead, the leather sofa will have subtle changes in shade. 

Natural Improvement With Aging

And finally, the grain layer will improve with age due to an effect called patina. 

It sounds fancy, but all it means is that the top layer will gradually gain a polished look and feel that’s not possible to achieve through manufacturing processes. 

It requires many years of exposure to different temperatures, sunlight, humans, and pets that gradually polish the leather. And by using a top-quality leather conditioner on a regular basis, you’ll make sure that your leather sofa achieves its maximum beauty. 

But what about other materials for leather furniture? 

Let’s take a look at some other leathers available. 

Benefits Over Other Types Of Leather Sofas 

There are three other types of leather that you will regularly see advertised, and we want to make sure you understand the differences in quality and style.

Top Grain Leather Sofas

Top grain leather is the second-highest quality of leather when it comes to toughness. The main difference is that during the preparation process before tanning, the outer grain is sanded away. 

This makes it an easier piece of hide to work with, and it’s more suitable for achieving certain design finishes. 

You’ll also find that top grain leather often comes with a coating that improves stain and water resistance. 

While top grain leather furniture might not be as tough wearing, it does have qualities that make it ideal for families. 

Bonded Leather Sofas

This is often advertised as a great solution, and it certainly doesn’t sound like it’s a bad thing. 

But bonded leather is kind of like plywood in that manufacturers collect unused cutoffs from hides, chop them down into tiny pieces and then glue them together to form upholstery. 

No matter how good the bonding agent and technique are, this type of leather will never be as long-lasting as real leather. 

You’ll also find that you completely lose breathability, and even if it looks like it might have the right level of comfort, you’ll become very sweaty on it within minutes. 

Faux Leather Or Suede Sofas

Faux is a fancy marketing trick that sounds much more sophisticated than fake. It might look the part, but it will feel very different than real leather, and it lacks density and toughness. 

Don’t be surprised if a faux leather sofa starts to peel and deteriorate within a couple of years. 

Suede is basically what’s left of hides after you remove the grains and splits. It’s very soft and suitable for fashion accessories. But it’s not at all suitable for furniture. 

As a general guide, make sure you stay away from suede, bonded, and faux leather.

100% American Made Leather Sofas

There are two main reasons why you should choose one of our made in USA sofas. 

First of all, U.S. furniture manufacturers provide a level of craftsmanship that is industry-leading throughout the world. From the hardwood frames to the quality of leather, you’ll be investing in a product made with pride. 

And while it might cost more, the fact that it will last much longer than anything else you find will lower your furniture expenses in the long term. 

Secondly, because we have partnered with some of the best and most experienced manufacturers in the U.S., you’ll also be supporting local jobs, industries, and the overall economy. 

Other Leather Sofa Features 

So, we’ve covered the type and quality of leather that’s ideal for a sofa or couch; now it’s time to cover some other things you need to focus on. 

Frame Construction

There is no point investing in the highest quality leather which will last for decades only for the frame to start falling apart a lot sooner. 

Some manufacturers use metal frames which are very durable, but they also end up making the furniture very heavy. 

The better option is to choose from sofas that have a frame made of kiln-dried hardwood. With the right skills and expertise, these types of frames will last for decades to come without any deterioration in stability. 

Seat And Back Foam

We also advise that customers take a careful look at the types of foam used in leather furniture. 

Lower-grade foam is cheap and feels perfectly fine for a few months or years. But you’ll soon notice imprints of your backside.

With high-density foam, you can avoid that altogether. It maintains its structure and bounces back into its original shape every time you get up. 


And finally, when you’re browsing online stores for a leather sofa, then consider investing in a matching ottoman and cushions. 

Because of the unique nature of full grain leather upholstery, it’s difficult to get the perfect match in shading and colors when the pieces are not made at the same time. 

Many of our customers make that conscious decision not to end up with a mismatch in leathers.

Full Grain Leather Sofa Styles

Here are a few leather sofa designs that should inspire your imagination for the living space you're trying to fill. 

Classic Full Grain Leather Sofa

A classic full grain leather sofa is a true statement piece and can become a wonderful design feature of any room. 

It’s based on 19th-century design features with some ornate wood carvings and geometrical patterns.

And with full or semi-aniline leather finishes, you won’t have uniform colors but amazing natural shades that make every sofa unique.

Modern Full Grain Leather Sofa

Modern furniture design takes a minimalist approach with very subtle lines and an understated geometric appearance. 

These styles of sofas generally also don’t use aniline leather but rather smooth and uniform colors. For a modern interior design and especially smaller spaces, these modern leather sofas can be the perfect finishing touch. 

Contemporary Full Grain Leather Sofa

If you don’t want a completely understated modern leather sofa design but also want to avoid the ornate classical look, then contemporary sofas can be the perfect compromise. 

It’s the ideal blend of simple straight and slightly curved lines with some subtle details that make the sofa stand out a bit more. 

Tufted Full Grain Leather Sofa

Full grain leather is also ideal for the tufted style, which uses buttons to pin back the leather. This results in a pattern of indentations that is very effective and makes your sofa a centerpiece of any room. 

It’s a question of personal comfort whether you want to choose a tufted back and seat or just the back. But keep in mind that tufted seats can be more difficult to keep clean. 

Check Out Our Full Grain Leather Sofa Collection

Browse our leather sofa collections today and find the perfect one for your living room. 

All of the manufacturers that we have partnered with have factories in the USA and employ skilled craftspeople who work to the highest quality standards. 

If you have any questions about individual products, then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or use the contact page to get all the info you need to make that final decision.