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Custom Leather Chairs

Our Custom Leather Chair Options

Getting the ideal chair to match your interior design requires a bit more than just having a great selection of styles. And that’s why we have partnered with American manufacturers that provide great customization options. 

These chairs are produced by highly qualified craftspeople in a family-owned business in America and are only made from high-quality leather.

Let me show you how to customize your own chairs.

Why Is Customizing Your Leather Chair Important

Unless you’re starting with a complete remodeling of your home, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to find those perfectly matching chairs. Even a wide choice of styles will only get you so far. 

But when you have choices for the color and shading of the leather, along with different styles of seat and back cushions, then you can quickly come up with a unique look that perfectly integrates with your home decor. 

And because you can make your chairs as unique as you can imagine, they can become the envy of all your guests. 

Our Simple Custom Chair Process

All our custom leather furniture is hand-made from high-quality leather by highly qualified craftspeople in America. 

We offer our customers many possibilities to be able to create their own custom furniture.

Here is the simple process. 

Step 1: Choose A Chair Style From Our Collection

There are three main styles you can choose from: classic, modern, and contemporary.

Classic leather furniture will include a lot of detail in the leather stitching, exposed wood, and even button tufting. These chairs are designed to take center stage. 

At the opposite end, you’ll find modern styles that are all about a minimalist approach with clean lines and simple geometric balance. And if you’d prefer something in between, then a contemporary chair will give you an ideal balance of classic and modern. 

As your custom leather furniture should complement your decor, you need to consider whether your preferences will really look good in your room.

So to help you make a decision, you should browse through our collection of custom furniture to see which style is right for you. Then you can check out the options available to create your chair to your own specifications.

Step 2: Decide On The Leather Color And Shade

All our custom leather furniture is made from the highest quality full-grain or top-grain leather. The process used in treating these leathers ensures that they are extremely durable. It also enables the manufacturer to offer you a large range of colors and shades to choose from. 

The tough outer layer of the hide is left intact on full-grain leather. But it's sanded down on top grain leather. The advantage of top grain is that it is coated with a stain-resistant layer to make dealing with spills a bit easier.

But both of these leathers can be treated with an aniline dye to enhance the color of the original hide. 

Step 3: Find Out What Arms You Prefer

For all our chairs, we offer three different possibilities for the arms: flared, rolled, or track arms.

Flared arms will suit a contemporary design chair as the armrests slope to give an angular look. But the track arms are what you'll need for a modern design as they are straight and versatile.

Lastly, the rolled arms are a must for classic design furniture as they provide an elegant and detailed look.

Making the right choice here comes down to matching your new chair with your existing furniture design.

Step 4: Pick The Right Backrest

Next, you'll need to customize the backrest to fit in with the design and the arms that you've selected.

If you've decided on the contemporary style, the knife-edged backrest gives you two options. For a tailored look, you have the choice of pleated corners. But if you want your leather furniture to be more casual and comfortable looking, you should choose the pointed style. 

To match track arms, you should choose a boxed border backrest. As the ends of the backrest are squared off, it will tie in well with the arms.

Step 5: Pay Attention To The Legs

First, pay attention to the legs of any other furniture in your living room. You'll need to coordinate what you choose with what you already have.

We can give you the option of round or square tapered legs. These will suit all styles of chairs.

But if you're going for a traditional design, square tapered legs would be your best choice. Round tapered legs are shorter, so they are more suitable for modern design furniture.

But whichever you choose, they'll be sure to add character to your chair.

Step 6: Choose The Seat Cushion Design

When choosing seat cushions, you need to consider what will suit you best. Of course, you want your seat to be comfortable, but the design is also important.

You'll be able to choose between a straight cushion design and a T-cushion.

The straight cushion is the best if you've decided on a contemporary design. As the seat cushion is aligned with the arms, it complements this style.

But for a classic style, you should look at the T-cushion as it is more elaborate and elegant.

Step 7: Consider Nailhead Trim

Love it or hate it, nailhead trim is an excellent choice that will go well if you have a traditional style of decor. This is because it complements this sophisticated, elegant design for chairs and love seats. 

I would generally not recommend it for a modern chair, as the detail can clash with the minimalist effect. It can work well on a contemporary love seat, but I would suggest that you avoid making it too intricate. 

We only use the best metal nailheads for our chairs and offer them in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. This means that you'll have the possibility of matching them to the color of the leather and the style that you've chosen.

Start Your Leather Chair Customization Now

The first thing you should do now is browse through our leather chair collection to find the ideal style for your home. From there, you can start the customization process to create the ideal custom leather furniture. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or you need advice on our custom leather furniture options. You can either contact us directly via the phone number you'll find on the product pages, or you can fill in the contact form.

We look forward to helping you make a choice.