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Leather Office & Executive Chairs

These leather office chairs are all made in America. The chairs are comfortable, attractive and very customizable. They are handcrafted by Leathercraft and Classic Leather, both located in Hickory North Carolina which is the heartland of American made furniture. Leathercraft and Classic Leather are the oldest family owned leather furniture companies in America, each celebrating 50 years.

No matter which one you choose these leather executive office chairs will last you a lifetime. The chairs are unmatched in quality materials and quality construction methods. Each is handmade by artisans who learned their craft from their fathers. Each leather office chair is made to exact specifications and includes your customizations. All the chairs allow you the freedom to choose the leather type and leather color. All leathers are top grain leathers which are the best portion of the leather hide in regards to feel, appearance and lasting durability. For more information just click on a picture.

Our Full Grain Leather Office Chair Collection

Whether you’re buying an office chair for a corporate conference room or making your home office that much more comfortable, there are very good reasons to spend extra on the durability of full grain leather. 

We’ve put together this guide to help you understand why such an investment is the right choice when it comes to executive office chairs.

And it all starts with the quality of the leather and how it actually compares to other common choices. 

Let me show you what it means. 

Why Is Full Grain Leather Most Suitable For Office Chairs

We’ve tested out countless leather desk chairs through years of experience with many different manufacturing companies. And one thing we have always found is that the full grain type of leather is the most durable. 

And when you consider that you could be spending many hours a day on an office chair, then making sure it will last the test of time is the most important buying consideration.

But how does it actually stand up to some other types of leather material?

Here are a few common ones you might see advertised. 

Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather is the second most durable type of leather, with the main difference being the outer grain layer being removed. While this does make it slightly less durable, there can be an advantage. 

Leather manufacturers would generally spray or roll a synthetic protective layer onto the hide to make it more water and stain-resistant. 

If you tend to be in the habit of spilling your desk lunch, then shopping for a top grain executive chair might be a better option. 

Genuine Leather

This is the first one of the clever marketing spins that we need to highlight. Products that are listed as genuine leather office chairs don’t indicate that it’s a great or even good quality of leather. 

Genuine leather refers to a low-quality hide where most of the tough layers have been removed. 

Yes, it’s still technically real leather, but it will not stand up to regular and hard wearing use. 

Faux Leather

Yes, we have to list it here because many people get tricked into buying faux leather office chairs. 

It’s certainly a cheap way to get a new seat for your home office. But how tough do you think fake leather is going to be?

Faux is French for fake, and while there might be a place for using synthetic leather for some things in life, anything that will be exposed to a lot of use and human traffic simply won’t last very long. 

Bonded Leather

Even though bonded leather does contain real leather, it’s possibly a worse choice than faux leather. 

It is essentially recycled leather that uses leftover animal hide to chop up into a fine powder. By mixing it with a binding agent, it’s possible to create a leather effect upholstery, but it’s not very durable at all.

It would be highly likely that an executive office chair will quickly show signs of the bonded leather peeling away and cracking, so avoid this at all costs for pretty much any furniture. 

American Made Full Grain Leather Office Chairs

As our name suggests, at Leather Furniture USA, we only partner with furniture manufacturers in America. 

That involves a careful selection process to ensure everything from the hides to the solid wood frames is sourced and made in America, with the full assembly process taking place in American factories. 

As a result, you get a leather office chair for your home office or business that is of the highest possible quality and will last for decades. It’s a level of craftsmanship that an imported executive chair can’t get close to.

It might come at a higher price, but the long-term value makes it worth investing in. 

And you will support American businesses, jobs, and families in the process as well. 

Frame And Base Materials

There is one thing you have to look at beyond just looking for a stylish and luxury soft leather chair for your corporate or home office.

And that’s the base material that makes up the structure of the office chair, which should really come down to two options. 

Solid Hardwood

Using solid hardwood for the frame and base of a leather office chair with some of that wood exposed will create a very elegant appearance. 

If you ever see images of boardrooms or government offices, then you’ll rarely see an executive chair that doesn’t look solid enough to carry a significant body size. 

In some ways, it’s what people associate with success, but it also gives a higher level of comfort and durability. 

Strong Metal

Metal is also a popular furniture material, especially in a modern office space design. 

It allows for a less bulky frame design with metal framed armrests being a lot slimmer while not compromising on durability and overall support. 

What you want to look out for is some form of rust-free metal like stainless steel or aluminum. And for a sleek effect, it would ideally be chrome plated for added protection and to make it visually stand out. 

Important Design Features

While an executive office chair needs to look the part, there are also a few features that will add to the sitting comfort and experience. 

Adjustable Seat Height 

Even the most standard office chair these days will come with a pneumatic lift that allows you to adjust the seat height. 

This is an important factor as getting your body position aligned properly with computer screens is critical to maintain good posture. 

But you also need to look at the overall height of the backrest to ensure it supports your back to at least your shoulder blades. This is again an important part of helping you maintain a better posture when you’re sitting for long parts of the day. 

Adjustable Height Armrests

This wouldn’t be all that common with leather office chairs, but it might be important for taller people with longer arms. 

When the armrest is too high, then it can push the shoulders up and force your body into a hunched-over position that can cause neck and back pain. 

From a posture perspective, it would be better to have no armrests than ones that are too high for your body size. But you could always take a cautious approach and choose a leather chair for your office that has low armrests. 

High-Density Foam

Leather office seating also has to provide comfortable padding that is not too soft or too hard. 

If it’s too hard, then you’ll quickly find that your butt and back go numb; and if it’s too soft, then you’ll struggle with good posture. 

But it also has to provide high-density type foam materials as they don’t lose their shape and support. Even after years of use, a high-quality foam will provide the same level of support as it did the first day.

And you also want to make sure that the padded armrests use the same foam materials to give the same level of comfort. 

Ergonomic Adjustments

The human body was not designed for prolonged sitting at a desk, but for many of us, that is the reality of work. 

The best way to counteract that is to get up off your leather chair several times an hour. But you also need to make sure that your chosen product has some basic ergonomic design features that go beyond an adjustable height. 

The main thing to look for is good lumbar support. 

You should notice this as a curved shape at the lower part of the backrest that encourages you to sit with a naturally curved spine at a computer desk and not end up slumped forward. 

Some office chairs will even have adjustable lumbar support, but it’s not a critical feature. 

Padded Headrest

Finally, you might want to consider an office chair that also provides a headrest in addition to lumbar support.

This is not a lazy feature to make napping at your desk easier.

It’s more about providing better head and neck support and encouraging you to get into a neutral spine position from the head all the way down to the lower back. 

Avoiding that hunched-over position can help you limit the negative effects of spending a lot of time on a leather chair. 

Browse Our Leather Office Chair Collection Today

Our entire collection of leather chairs make a great addition to a home office or corporate environment. 

They are a fantastic statement piece of furniture, and all come from American factories using the best quality materials and highly skilled craftsmanship.

You simply won’t find a better quality, and the investment will stand the test of time even in a busy office environment. 

Check out the other reviews on the product pages, and if you have any questions about our collection, then use the contact number or form to reach out to us.

We look forward to answering all your queries.