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Extra Long Leather Sofas

The larger the sofa you need for your home, the more careful you have to be that it provides certain quality standards. It happens all too often that people find a great-looking extra-long sofa, only to be disappointed when it lasts only a few years.

Making the right investment from the start can save you a lot of hassle and money, and that’s why we have partnered with the best American furniture manufacturers.

Through a careful selection process, we have been able to bring you extra-long sofas that are handcrafted to order using the most skilled craftspeople in North Carolina. These companies also stick with a proven method of sourcing the best materials.

It’s a quality standard you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Extra Long Leather Sofa Collection

Some living spaces require larger than normal furniture to avoid them looking out of place. Whether you have a large open plan living area or very high ceilings, such spaces simply need more than the average sofa or loveseat. 

And while having the right space is vital for these extra long sofas, you also have to consider the style and quality standards you choose. 

That’s why we make sure we can offer you a choice of styles ranging from mid-century modern to classic traditional style.

Let me show you why these sofas might be ideal for your home. 

Advantages Of Extra Long Leather Sofas

It’s important to first think about the practicality of your choice. Spending too much time checking out different designs, only to find that you fall in love with a sofa that just wouldn’t look right in your home, can be very discouraging.

So take a look at our guide to help you figure out if this is the right size for you.

Maximum Seating Capacity

These sofas offer maximum seating capacity and are great for larger families. You’ll all be able to sit together and enjoy a family movie night. But it also gives you enough room to put your feet up and relax alone with a good book after a long day.

Suitable For Open Spaces

An extra-long sofa is a luxury if you have the space. Open living spaces are ideal because they offer more options of where you could place your sofa. And you can place the sofa so that it perfectly divides up the room.  

Visual Impact

Depending on the style you choose, a large sofa can be seen as a statement piece. You can choose either mid-century or even modern if you want something more stylish. We offer both styles in our collection.

Just imagine how good a large sofa with throw cushions and open rugs on the floor will look. And it will help you create the right atmosphere in your home.

Disadvantages Of Extra Long Leather Sofas

Of course, there are also some disadvantages that you need to contemplate before making a decision. So here are a few points for you to focus your attention on to avoid wasting time in choosing a design that isn’t suitable for your needs.

Needs Open Space To Look Good

If you don’t have enough room, you’ll be faced with a problem. Trying to force a long sofa into a small room can end up being a disaster. You could end up with not enough space to walk around the couch. 

Also, without enough space, you could find that it crowds any other furniture that you already have in the room.

It Will Cost You More

Having decided that you do have enough room, you need to be aware that extra-long leather sofas come at a higher price than average-sized sofas. But we are certain that if you do purchase one, it will be a purchase that you’ll never regret as it will last you for a very long time. 

And don’t forget - quality always comes at a price.

Important Features For Extra Long Sofas

The most obvious quality standard to look at is the leather. But it’s just as important to pay attention to the things that are underneath the leather. 

Let’s start by looking at the frame.

Solid Wood Design

A sofa made with an engineered wood frame using soft or plywood is a no-go if you want it to last. It may be a lot cheaper than a couch with a solid wood design, but you won’t be saving money in the long run. Your sofa will soon start sagging and be too uncomfortable to sit on. Then you’ll end up having to replace it.

Our manufacturers only produce kiln-dried hardwood frames. They’re either made from maple, oak, beech, or ash, so you can be sure of getting the support you need for many years.

High-Density Foam Cushions

The cushion construction is another thing to contemplate. Couch cushions filled with multi-density foam won’t last as long as ones filled with high resiliency foam.

All our seat cushions are produced with a high-density fiber-wrapped foam design. This ensures that you have excellent support to stay comfortable for longer. 

Hand Tied Springs

When purchasing a sofa from our collection, you can be certain that it’s of superior quality as it has been crafted by hand. This means that even the springs are hand-tied.

What is the advantage of this?

It guarantees that the springs will not fall out of place.

This process can’t possibly be copied by machines. Springs tied by machines tend to slip out of place after a while, so your sofa would no longer be comfortable.

Best Types Of Leather For Extra Long Sofas

The type of upholstery material is one of the most important factors to consider if you want your leather sofa to last for decades. An extra-long sofa upholstered in inferior quality leather will need to be replaced after a few years. 

To avoid any additional expense in the future, we only offer you premium leather sofas made from either top or full-grain leather.

Full Grain Leather

If you’re considering a Chesterfield-style sofa for your room, this would be your best option. Full-grain leather is the most expensive in the range but also one of the most durable.

The reason for this is the way the hides are processed. It’s a time-consuming process where the toughest outer layer of the hide is left intact. As this layer is so tough, it will withstand a lot of wear and tear.

You’ll also be given the option of having the color-enhanced with an aniline or semi-aniline dye that penetrates the leather to bring out the unique shades of the hide.

Top Grain Leather

As this leather is also of extremely high quality, you can be sure that it will hold up to family life. Unlike full-grain leather, the top layer is lightly sanded down to make it softer to work with and also softer to the touch. The result is also a smoother and more uniform finish with your choice of color. 

An extra-long sofa made from top-grain leather is essential for any family with kids. You won’t have to worry as much about spillages ruining your sofa as the leather is sprayed with protective stain resistance. That means that most spills can easily be wiped up with a damp cloth.

Avoid These Types Of Leather

Unfortunately, the upholstered sofas materials are not always of superior quality. By purchasing a sofa made from low-quality leather, you’ll soon be disappointed with your purchase.

To prevent this from happening, check out the following leathers that you need to avoid at all costs.

Faux Leather

Do you really want to have a fake leather sofa in your living room?

This is just what you’ll get with faux leather. It’s nothing more than a synthetic material that has a leather-look about it. It tends to lose its color easily and will crack with even just moderate use before it eventually tears.

There are many fabric materials on the market that would be more durable than this.

Bonded Leather

The design of a bonded leather sofa may be just what you’re looking for to suit your room, and you’ll even find that it’s very soft to touch. But if it’s made from bonded leather, you'll soon be disillusioned as it’s no more durable than fake leather.

The only leather used in the process is the leftover hides which are chopped up and mixed with a bonding agent before being rolled out to look like leather.

Genuine Or Split Leather

Any genuine leather sofa upholstery material should also be avoided. This is not to be mistaken with real, authentic leather.

Although parts of the hide are used in the manufacturing process, these parts are only the lower layers which are extremely soft and not durable.

The only plus point is the softness of the leather, but you’ll soon be frustrated when your sofa starts showing signs of wear and tear.

American-Made Extra Long Leather Sofa

We can guarantee that any leather sofa you purchase from us is only manufactured from premium quality leather with a solid wood frame.

And as all our sofas are also handcrafted in America by highly qualified craftspeople, you can be certain that you’re purchasing a high-quality piece of furniture that will last you for decades. 

An extra-long leather sofa may be expensive, but you’ll soon find that it was well worth the investment.

And just imagine the pleasure of knowing that you’re also helping the American economy by purchasing American-made products.

Browse Our Extra Long Leather Sofa Collection

We are convinced that you’ll be able to find the perfect piece for your living space in our collection, whether you’re looking for a mid-century modern style leather sofa or a more classical style. 

So now is the time to browse through what we have to offer.

If you need any further information, you’ll find a phone number on the product page for direct contact. Or, if you prefer, you can contact us via the contact form, which is also on the same page.

We look forward to helping you make your choice.