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Top Grain Leather Chairs – Made in USA

Select from many styles of American made leather chairs. Made by top quality furniture manufacturers located in North Carolina; Classic Leather, Leathercraft and Comfort Design. These classic leather chairs include factory direct FREE nationwide* in-home delivery and NO sales tax added. For more information click on any classic leather chair below.

Our Full Grain Leather Chair Collection

Planning to add new full grain leather furniture to your home has to involve a careful selection process. 

Not only is it important to find the right visual style and design, but you also have to consider the type and quality of leathers used, as well as the finishing touches. 

All these add up to making sure that you get the best possible combination with your existing interior design and enjoy the leather furniture for many years to come. 

Let us guide you through the selection process and show you our collection. 

Why Choose Full Grain Leather For Chairs?

The products we have listed out on this page all use the highest quality leather available. But full grain leather doesn’t just ensure maximum durability. It also has some amazing features that give it an amazingly unique look and feel. 

Here’s what full grain leather is all about.

Maintaining The Toughest Fibers

Let’s start with a closer look at what full grain leather means. 

If you imagine a leather hide as having multiple layers of different fibers, then the bottom layer would be the softest with less density. It’s what you’ll usually find marketed as suede, and it’s not a suitable material for chairs or sofas. 

What you need is the upper layers, which leather experts call the split and grain. These have very tough and tightly woven fibers that make them ideal for furniture that is regular and constant use. 

Providing A Unique Appearance

Another big attraction with full grain leather furniture is that the leather preparation also maintains a unique look. 

That upper grain layer of the hides will not just have beautiful natural patterns but also includes imperfections from damage to the grain. 

It’s highly sought after in these types of leathers to gain a unique character making every chair slightly different. 

But it’s also possible to apply advanced color dyes that give you a perfectly even finish while still maintaining those tough fibers. 

Improvement With Age

Finally, there’s something called the patina effect. 

As full grain leather is exposed to sunlight, body contact, and natural wear and tear, it will develop a soft sheen with a slight darkening. 

It might sound like a negative effect, but this is a highly sought-after look and a reason that some people buy pre-owned aged leather furniture. 

Far from being a downside, the more you use a full grain chair, the better it will look and age. 

American Made Leather Chairs

All of the collections we have available on this page are 100% American-made. 

Every single furniture manufacturing business we work with is based in the USA, and the complete construction process takes place in American factories. 

What that means for our customers is that they not only gain the satisfaction of supporting the American economy and jobs market but also gain access to superior manufacturing techniques. 

The craftsmanship of the full grain leather, timber, and metal frames and exceptional design is second to none. 

And with most of the construction being handmade, you also take advantage of a far superior quality control process at every stage of the assembly. 

Chair Styles And Designs 

Now that we have covered the type and quality of the leathers, let’s turn your attention to the chair design styles. 

Classic Chairs

First off, let me say that classic doesn’t mean old-fashioned, and it shouldn’t be considered as something negative. 

Classic leather furniture sets itself apart by taking simple design ideas from 19th century English and French furniture styles. 

The whole idea is to make a chair look welcoming, comfortable, and warm, with subtle decorations and gently flowing lines. 

When you carefully pick a classic design style, it will become a centerpiece of any living space. And by investing in full grain leather, it will be a favorite place to relax for decades to come. 

Contemporary Chairs

Many people mistake this as just another form of modern leather furniture design, but there are some significant differences. 

While it does incorporate many modern style aspects like simple straight lines and geometric shapes, contemporary chairs also add some flair. 

It’s a fantastic touch to take away from the minimalist modern look, with a bold way for it to stand out more. 

Imagine a modern minimalist living space with a chair that fits the design but also stands out just enough to make a bold statement. 

Modern Chairs

These have become very popular for apartment living and many types of office environments. 

The whole idea is to include sleek lines with minimal curves where the proportions are in perfect balance. 

You’ll often notice that modern leather furniture lacks any kind of intricate and ornamental details but rather focuses on geometric and repeating shapes. 

Modern style chairs also tend to take a uniform approach for the finishing color touches, providing a smooth and continuous surface. 

Dining Chairs

Full grain leather is also a great option for your dining room seating arrangements. With leather seating and backs, you, first of all, ensure that family dinners or parties take place with everyone enjoying maximum comfort. 

And when those inevitable spills or sticky hands reach for the chair, you’ll know that a wipe with a damp cloth will remove any evidence. 

Tufted Design

Tufted leather furniture went out of fashion for a very long time, but this button-back design has seen a huge revival. 

You’ll recognize a tufted chair by a regular pattern of buttons that pull back the leather surface area, leaving a unique pattern. 

Tufted patterns usually cover the backrest portion but are also available with a tufted seat cushion. Just keep in mind that such seats might be more difficult to keep clean. 


Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for a new leather chair is to consider any matching accessories. 

These can come in the form of cushions that make accessorizing your living space a bit easier. Or you look for full grain leather chairs that come with an ottoman as a footrest in the perfect matching design and color. 

Having these made and delivered at the same time will also ensure that the finishing color is a perfect match. 

Leather Chair Finish

At this stage, we’ve covered why full grain leather is the best option for chairs, and you’ll have a better understanding of the different styles of chairs to choose from. 

Now, let’s look at the different ways that leather craftsmen apply finishing touches. 


While every leather hide is dyed to achieve a certain color tone so that you can match the furniture to your interior design, there are different methods of applying that part of the finishing touches. 

Aniline refers to a process that uses soluble dyes that impregnate the leather and maintain the natural patterns and structure in the hide. 

The result isn’t a uniform color that you get from a pigment sealant, and the effect is one of the best ways to make leather furniture really stand out. 


Graining refers to the texture of the finished leather surface. In most cases, a light sanding will result in a very smooth surface on leather furniture. 

But that might not always be the most suitable way to finish off hides. 

If you like the feel of smooth leather hides but also like a bit more visual structure, then a flat grain finish is exactly what you want to consider. 

At the other end of the grained collections, you’ll find pebbled and embossed leathers. These have certain patterns machined onto the upper layer of the hides, and it gives the leather furniture a geometric structure that you can feel when you run your hand over it. 


This is a fancy term that leather experts use to describe how everyday use gives leather a completely new appearance over time. 

Everything from sunlight to body friction and oils from your skin will slowly change the surface. It will get a polished effect that almost looks like a special coat has been applied. 

It’s a highly sought-after effect that you only get with full grain leather furniture, and it can take many years to achieve. 

Natural Imperfections

Finally, you have to think about whether you like the natural imperfections that nature added to leather hides while the animal was still alive. 

Every piece of leather furniture can be unique because of things like insect bites and even scratches from fence posts or barbed wire. 

There are furniture collections that highlight that as the main feature for a more natural and rustic look.

But if you prefer a more uniform look, then you’d need to choose leather with pigments sprayed or rolled onto the hide. 

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You’ll find a wide range of styles that will match the overall appearance of your living or working space. 

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