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Deep Seated Leather Sofas

When you want a sofa that provides maximum seat depth for the best comfort levels, then deep-seated sofas are the first place to look. And if you’ve ever experienced sitting on one of these, then you know how hard it will be to go back to anything else. 

Here at Leather Furniture USA, we have teamed up with the best American furniture manufacturers in North Carolina. These businesses have specialized in creating the most amazing handcrafted techniques to combine the best materials into amazing sofas. 

Check out our deep-seat sofa collection and contact us with any questions about the custom features you can choose from.

Our Deep Seated Leather Sofa Collection

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you'll need enough space in your living room to be able to accommodate a deep seating leather sofa.

But having enough space is not the only important factor to consider. You'll also need to think about whether it will look right with the other furniture placed in your room and also about the style you are looking to create.

And, of course, quality plays an extremely important role, too.

To help you make your choice, we've put together this guide on the most important points that you first need to take into consideration.

Advantages Of A Deep Seated Sofa

Before making any purchase, you shouldn't underestimate the importance of whether or not this product is a practical choice for your home.

Do you have enough space in your seating area to accommodate a large leather sofa?

Next, you have to be aware of what you consider the most important features to be before choosing the depth of the sofa. Maybe comfort is of utmost importance, or maybe you occasionally need the sofa to function as a bed.

So to help you choose, we've put together a list of advantages for you to check out before deciding what to purchase.

Maximum Comfort

Sofas with extra seat depth are known to be extremely cozy. Just imagine kicking off your shoes and curling up on a sofa that also gives you enough back support after a hard day at work.

Or you may just like lounging with the kids and binge-watching old TV programs or films at weekends.

You'll even find that you have enough seating for guests, especially if you enjoy entertaining friends. You'll just need to be careful that they don't outstay their welcome because of the comfort of the seat depth!

Double Function As A Sleeper Sofa

If you entertain overnight guests at the weekend, you may be glad of an extra bed for them to sleep on.

If you have an extra deep-cushioned sofa, you'll be able to guarantee them a good night's rest when they stay.

But, of course, there are also those days when you really need to take an afternoon nap, but going to bed is not an option for you. So it's good to know that you'll always have the advantage of being able to stretch out on your sofa, realizing that you'll have the room to be cozy enough to relax.

Space For More Sofa Accessories

Although comfort is of utmost importance, it's also good to know that, even when not in use, your sofa will be an attractive focal point in your room.

With extra deep sitting space, you'll have much more room to accommodate accessories. Just think of how attractive bigger cushions and a chunky throw will look when you have a sofa with seat cushions giving you enough room to show them off.

Great For Showing Off Top Quality Leather

But, showing off accessories is not the only thing you want to do.

If you have the space in your home and are willing to pay the price, you can do no better than purchasing a full grain or top grain leather sofa. The size of these sofas will really maximize the wow effect of the leather.

Disadvantages Of A Deep Seated Sofa

Of course, there are also some disadvantages, so don't forget to check out these points, too.

First, you need to consider the size of your living area as these sofas take up a lot of floor space. They won't look right in a small room, and you certainly don't want to be disappointed when your furniture arrives. 

Also, no doubt you'd want a coffee table in your seating area, so you'd need to pick the right size table. This could be a problem if you already have a large table that you don't want to part with.

How Do You Measure Seat Depth?

Are you looking for seating with deep seats, or would you prefer an extra deep seat? Whichever you choose, you'll need to know how to measure them.

Don't worry; it's really easy to do. You just need to measure from the back cushions to the front of the seat.

Average sofas range from a depth of 21 to 24 inches, but you will also find many others outside of that range.

For the average-sized person, the most favored range of comfort is 20 to 22 inches. But, if you like tucking your feet up on the sofa, then a 23 to 24-inch deep seat would be more suitable for you.

Or maybe you're really looking for something extra deep if you are taller, then you'd have to look outside of this range.

Buying The Right Deep Seated Sofa Style

When purchasing a leather sofa, you first need to consider how much space you have to place it in your seating area. Next, you should think about what effect you want to create before deciding on which style to buy. 

Are you looking to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere, or are you going for a design statement? And don't forget to consider how it will fit in with the other furniture already in your room.

Check out the information we've put together for you on the three most popular styles available.

Classic Style

If you're looking for a luxurious, classy style that will really stand out in your living room, then this is the best choice for you.

It has many ornate features which date back to the 19th century British and French furniture styles, which makes it a timeless piece of furniture.

Typical features of its design are exposed carved wood and nailhead trim combined with high-quality leather, often treated with aniline dyes to enhance the natural shade of the leather.  

Modern Style

The modern style started in the 20th century and is more about embracing a minimalistic look for your leather sofa. This means rejecting all the frills associated with the classic 19th-century style.

This is a great style if you want a minimalist couch that is a bit larger than average without it looking huge in your room.

Contemporary Style

Should you want more of a subtle look for your furniture, maybe this style is more to your taste.

As it combines features of both the classic and the modern look, it's suitable for anyone who is unsure of which design they should go for.

It actually mixes the luxurious elements of the classic with the minimalist look of the modern style.

What Types Of Leather Work Best For Deep Seated Sofas?

You'll have many options to choose from when looking for leather furniture, but be sure to check out the quality of the upholstery material before purchasing.

We only offer furniture produced from superior quality leathers, namely full grain and top grain leathers. That's why we are able to offer you the greatest value for money.

So, let's look at the leather options available to you.

Full Grain Leather

The most durable leather sofas we offer are produced from full-grain leather. This is top-quality leather, so it is suitable for busy homes. It is a little bit more expensive than other leathers but well worth the price when you consider its durability.

So, what makes this the best leather to choose?

A unique process of leaving the toughest top layer of the hide intact is used. No other leather uses this process, so this is what gives full-grain leather its durability enabling it to withstand daily wear and tear.

But, not only is the process used in production unique but so is the end product. As the natural shade of the hide remains untouched in this process, this can then be enhanced to offer you the choice of full aniline or semi-aniline leather. This is especially suitable if you're looking to purchase a classic design sofa.

Top Grain Leather

Unlike full-grain leather, top grain leather has the outer layer sanded down to make it softer to the touch. It's not quite as durable as full-grain but is more suitable if you have kids, pets, or even if you entertain friends regularly.

And what's the reason for this?

A stain-resistant layer is sprayed on the top layer, so any spillages can be wiped off with a damp cloth. This is a definite advantage if you want a peaceful family life.

But don't be misled, it's not as expensive as full-grain leather, but it's still of very high quality.

What Types Of Leather Should You Avoid?

Not all leather sofas are durable, even if the material used is so-called leather. This term can be misleading as many of them are really made from pure leather.

Avoid the following leathers at all costs if your sofa needs to withstand the wear and tear of kids or pets in the home. You'll only be disappointed when your upholstery material shows signs of wear and tear after a short period of time.

Faux Leather

Using a fancy French term doesn't mean that the sofa is a quality product. This is nothing more than a marketing trick to sell fake leather.

Faux leather is completely synthetic leather which claims to be a suitable choice for vegans. But, when deciding on upholstery material, surely vegans would have more durability from a fabric upholstered sofa.

Faux leather shade tends to fade quickly, and you can also expect it to peel and crack. Even if you're not vegan and don't have kids, this is a real no-go!

Bonded Leather

The production process for bonded leather used on sofas is to chop the leftover hides into powder. A bonding agent is added to the powder, which is then rolled out to look like leather.

It even feels like leather to the touch, but it remains an inferior upholstery material.

Although it contains some leather, it's no better quality than faux leather, so it is not an ideal upholstered sofa to consider.

As with other inferior quality, a leather sofa made from bonded leather won't last long before it starts peeling and cracking.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather, or split leather as it's also known, can be a very confusing term for inferior quality leather. Only the lower grains of leather are used, so although it is made from animal hide, the grain is softer and not as durable as full-grain and top grain leathers. 

Sofas made from genuine leather are of just as inferior quality as faux leather and bonded leather sofas, so you'd be better off purchasing one made of fabric instead.

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If you're looking for a leather sofa with deep seats or extra deep seats that will last for many years, you should check out our extensive range.

We only partner with manufacturers in America who produce sofas of the highest quality upholstery material. As these are hand-produced by highly qualified craftspeople, we can offer furniture that you'll never regret purchasing.

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