Our Guide | Ideas To Accent Your Brown Leather Reclining Sofa

brown leather reclining sofa

When looking to bring a natural, beautiful piece of furniture into your home, there’s truly nothing like leather. High-end leather furniture will only improve over time, as there truly is nothing like brilliantly aged and broken in leather. If you’re looking at adding a brown leather reclining sofa to your home, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a piece that, if properly cared for, will not only last a lifetime but won’t go out of style, which is something you can’t say for most other pieces of furniture.

And yet, with your brown leather reclining sofa set up, how can you best accent it? Leather furniture already has a way of becoming a focal point in the room, so how can you go about adding enough of an accent to compliment the piece of furniture without overshadowing it? Here are a few tips and suggestions for you to follow to do just that.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are one of the best ways to instantly add color and accent your leather reclining sofa. It is also an inexpensive option that lets you change the look of your sofa throughout the year. You can bring new colors into the room for the holidays and then rotate your pillows in and out as you see fit.

It is best to use a fabric pillow instead of leather. This will give you a different textural variation to the space. As for the color, your best bet is to match the color of the throw pillow with the other decorating colors of the room. So if you accent the rest of the room with gray, blue, or green, you can quickly add these pillows to your sofa.

On top of giving you all kinds of options for accenting your leather reclining sofa, you will improve your overall comfort level of the sofa as well.

Throw Blankets

Along the same lines as the throw pillows, a throw blanket is a fantastic way to accent the sofa while adding to the comfort level. You should color coordinate the throw blanket with the pillows, as you don’t want to bring mismatching colors onto the sofa (this will only detract from the visual splendor of the leather).

With the blanket, you can again rotate your throw blankets throughout the year and bring festive colors in during the holidays. You can also have multiple throw blankets if you would like, as sometimes there’s nothing better than having a few blankets at your disposal. You can let the blanket neatly hang off the side of the sofa or place it along the back of the sofa. How you decide to place the blanket on the sofa is up to you. What is great about throw blankets is they can have just about any texture, and the textured appearance of the blanket will instantly compliment the smooth nature of the leather.

Lighter Colored Coffee Table

The beautiful nature of a brown leather sofa will instantly elevate any room. However, the best way to ensure the color of the sofa stands out (and doesn’t drift back) is to position it around lighter colors. Ideally, your brown leather sofa will be a darker color than the room’s wall color. If you painted your room a light gray, off-white, or even a baby blue, the brown leather sofa will stand out and will naturally become the focal point of the room.

Bringing a coffee table into the room is a fantastic way to give you and your guest space to place dishes, cups of coffee, and other odds and ends. However, you need to consider how the coffee table will complement and accent the sofa. You don’t want to match the color, as the table and the sofa will visually bleed together, which is something you don’t want. Instead, you need to consider a lighter-colored coffee table. Whether you match the color of the coffee table with the color of the room or opt for an accent color, make sure it is lighter than the sofa. This way, the crisp lines of the coffee table will separate itself from the sofa.

Not only will this ensure the sofa will stand out from the other items in the room, but it will also give your room depth.

Pair With Fabric Chairs

If you’re not careful, the leather sofa will not only become the focal point of the room but will also dominate the space. Having it as the focal point is fine, but you don’t want the room to feel heavily weighted to just the sofa.

So how do you prevent this from happening? You offset it with other pieces of furniture. This way, the sofa isn’t standing there, commanding all the attention in the room. Placing individual fabric chairs next to the leather sofa will help soften the impact of the leather, which helps prevent complete dominance of the room’s visual flow. These accent chairs can be simple in design, yet you may be surprised at just how much it helps accent the sofa.

Help With Your Leather Needs

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