How To Clean White Leather Furniture

white leather furniture

White leather can look truly beautiful in any space. Whether off white or pure, bright white, white leather furniture is trend-setting and  instantly draws the attention of guests when stepping foot into the room. However, the one drawback to white leather is any kind of imperfection or stain will instantly show. Even if the leather is simply dusty or has a layer of dirt around the bottom from a family pet rubbing up against it, the discoloration can be easily seen. Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can clean white leather. To help, here are several methods for cleaning white leather furniture, based on the stain.

General Cleaning

If you don’t have any specific kind of stain on the white leather furniture but you just want to wash away any layers of dirt that may have collected, a general cleaning option is to make an oil and vinegar cleaning solution.

To do this, combine a half cup of olive oil with a quarter cup of vinegar. Add this to a spray bottle and spray onto a soft cloth. Wipe the leather down and you’ll instantly see the dirt and other grime come off. If there are more stubborn spots that aren’t washing off you can spray the cleaning solution directly onto the furniture and let it set for a moment. The vinegar will help pry the stain away from the leather while, at the same time, the olive oil will help nourish the leather.

Whatever you do, make sure you avoid any kind of cleaning solutions that contain ammonia. These cleaners will damage your leather.

Water Stain

This is one of the most common stains associated with any kind of leather. Whether someone has sat down on the sofa in wet clothing or a pet came in from being outside in the rain and got on the furniture or someone spilled a glass of water, water stains can happen if the moisture is not addressed right away.

Thankfully, water stains are not difficult to address. You can apply a small amount of moisture over the water stain and then blow dry it (a hair dryer placed on the cool setting will work just fine for this). Do not let it set out in the sun to dry though. This will cause additional stains. While you can let it air dry, the hair dryer will speed up the process and help you avoid any kind of sun-dried stains.

Ink Stain

There’s nothing worse than standing up from your white leather sofa, only to realize you sat on a pen and the ink seeped into the leather. This can also happen if children leave the tops off markers. Ink can be removed from the leather though.

Begin by soaking a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and dab at the stain (generally start off with the 70% alcohol solution for this). After dabbing at the stain break out the hair dryer and blow dry the stain. You can attempt this a few times, but if the ink fails to come off completely, you’ll want to apply cuticle remover that is not gel-based. Leave this on overnight and then wipe it clean.

The sooner you clean away the stain the better. In a pinch, you can use a clear spirit on the ink, such as vodka. While the alcohol percentage will not be as high as rubbing alcohol, because the ink has not fully set, it should be enough to clean away the stain.

Oil Stain

Did oil drip off a slice of pizza or other food? To rid your white furniture of oil sprinkle baking soda over the top of the stain, then rub it gently. Allow this to sit for at least a few hours, then wipe the area clean.

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