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The below colors are grouped by leather Grade. Grade 1 is the least cost group of leather colors. Scroll down below all colors to learn more about Aniline Top Grain Leathers and the leather pattern/group name descriptions. Due to different computer display resolutions the following colors may differ slightly from the actual leather.


Natural Leather Characteristics







In a world of manmade materials, real leather is a natural product like gemstones, exotic woods or any other natural material, hides vary in beauty and integrity. All manners of influences can affect their look and texture – genetics, environment and handling of the hide. Over its life, every hide acquires a personality. The inevitable accumulation of wrinkles and stretch marks, run-ins with barbed wire, healed scars, encounters with insects, thorns and branding irons leave “beauty” marks. All of these events combine to give each genuine hide a distinctive character and are not considered defects or flaws.

Different Leather Types

* Pure Aniline Leathers – indicated by an “*”
Not Protected – These top grain, full grain hides have the least amount of natural range marks and are the most rare. Lovers of truly natural products are particularly fond of these leathers: their buttery, glove-soft texture adds an extra dimension of comfort to your sofa or chair. These hides will show color variation, because different parts of the hides absorb the dye differently. To create this luxurious softness and their rich gem-like colors, aniline dyed leathers are tumbled for up to 12 hours in drums containing transparent dyes. These aniline dyes enhance the subtle textural and color variations of each hide. Through the years, aniline dyed leather develops a distinctive patina which adds to its value as a focal point in your home. Only premium hides with the least natural markings and the most natural color and texture are selected for this category.

Aniline Plus Leathers
Protected – Sometimes called “Semi-Aniline”, these top grain, full grain leathers are first tumbled in drums with penetrating aniline dyes. Then a thin matching color topcoat is applied to even out the color of the hide surface. The topcoat also serves to protect against stains, fading and some scratches. Aniline Plus leathers are available in hundreds of colors. They retain most of the softness of their Pure Aniline cousins because the natural top grain is left intact as a full grain (non-corrected) leather. A much larger proportion of the world hide supply is suitable for this class of leathers and as a result they are more moderately priced.

Corrected Grain Leathers
Protected – Corrected grain leathers are also top grain leathers and are part of the Aniline Plus leather category. Many hides have naturally occurring marks such as insect bites, barbed wire scars, scrapes and other natural marks. To remove these marks, Corrected Grain leathers are first lightly sanded or buffed, and then embossed with a grain to restore a natural-looking grain pattern. An additional protective pigmented topcoat is applied helps with color uniformity plus helps resist scratches, stains and fading from sunlight. The proportionately lager number of hides in this category makes this the most economical grade of top grain leather.

Serviceability Information “Usage Code”

Heavy Usage
Leather has been tested and is considered to be very durable and serviceable. Suitable for residential, heavy traffic areas and commercial applications. Repels most food and beverage stains. Cleanable with mild soap and water. More durable than any other upholstery material.

Medium Usage
This leather is considered durable under normal usage conditions. Suitable for family rooms, recreational rooms and dens. Repels most food and beverage stains. More durable and soil resistant than fabrics.

Light Usage
Treat as you would fine upholstery. Repels most water based liquids. Suitable for living rooms and other areas where adult living is the norm. Strong staining agents may cause discoloration. May absorb hot liquids and oils.

Fade Resistance Information

Fade resistance of leather is graded by the Tanners Council on a scale from 1-6. “6” is the least susceptible to fading and will withstand some direct sunlight. “1” is the most susceptible to fading and will fade rapidly in sunlight and brightly lighted areas.

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Leather Color Pattern Descriptions

Alexandria Protected Aniline Plus – is a top grain leather providing beauty and durability. It has been drum dyed with aniline leather color throughout. A two tone “Kela” antiquing effect has been added to the surface adding depth and character to the leather. Clear top coat has been added for protection. Brazilian hides finished in Italy. Heavy usage, color fastness 4.

* Allure Not Protected Pure Aniline – Allure is a top grain, full grain uncorrected drum dyed pure aniline leather. Hides are vacuumed to create a smooth surface and then are polished through heat and pressure which results in a translucent effect. Hides are of European origin and are tanned and finished in Italy. Light usage, fade resistance 3.

Applause Protected Aniline Plus – Applause is a top grain, whose grain has been corrected to remove range marks. Additional feel agents have been added to soften the feel of the leather. Surface pigment added for color uniformity plus hand antiquing is rubbed on the top surface to add dimension. It is a great leather for family rooms or for heavy traffic areas. Hides are of South American origin. Heavy usage, fade resistance 4.

Aspen Protected Aniline Plus – Aspen is a top grain, full grain, drum dyed aniline leather. It is an aniline plus leather that features a tipping effect that highlights the peaks of the grain. Aspen has a soft waxy feel derived from the milling process that creates the grain. Hides originate in Brazil and are tanned and finished in Italy. Medium usage, fade resistance 4.

* Au Natural Not Protected Pure Aniline – is the perfect choice for leather enthusiasts with its elegance and warmth. After the dying stage, hides are lightly dressed with an oil application to create the authentic leather look. It tailors beautifully, giving every application its own distinctiveness and character. Au Natural is visually stunning and is unmistakably leather. Tanned and Finished in Argentina. Light usage, color fastness 3.

Bridgeport Protected Aniline Plus – Bridgeport is a top grain that is fully penetrated with aniline dyes and with a color pigment top coat applied to the surface for color uniformity. Grain characteristics have been enhanced to add grain uniformity. Provides very nice rich solid colors. A clear top coat has been applied to enhance stain protection. Hides originate and are tanned and finished in South America. Heavy usage, fade resistance 5.

Colours Protected Aniline Plus – A luxurious upholstery leather featuring a soft and supple feel. Colours is a high-end leather that maintains its original full grain with natural leather characteristics. It is an aniline top grain leather with protection applied at the tannery to protect it against scratches, stains and fading from sunlight. The cow hides are sourced and tanned in Italy. This leather has a thickness of 1.3 to 1.5 mm. 53 colors are available making this the right choice for furniture in any home. Heavy usage, fade resistance 5.

Leisure Protected Aniline Plus – Leisure is a top-grain Aniline dyed, corrected uniform grain soft leather. It is tanned with a surface coat offering two-tone color uniformity and protection against scratches, stains and fading from sunlight. Finished with a non-shiny matt finish. A durable, made for heavy usage fade resistant 5 leather.

Luxtan Protected Aniline Plus – Luxtan is a full top grain, uncorrected drum-dyed aniline crust. A pigmented top coat is sprayed on the hides’ surface to even the coloration and add protection. Hides originate in the United States and are finished in Korea. This leather is considered durable and serviceable under normal usage conditions; however strong staining agents may cause discoloration. Suitable for heavy traffic areas, fade resistant.

Milan Protected Aniline Plus – Milan is a top grain, corrected grain, drum-dyed, fully penetrated aniline dyed leather with a spray applied pigmented base coat. A top coat with a smoke effect is applied to add depth and dimension while adding stain protection. South American origin finished in Italy. Durable, heavy usage, fade resistance 5.

Overtime Protected Aniline Plus – is a protected version of a Pure Aniline leather featuring a light oil application that enhances the natural features in leather. Designed specifically for leather purists and connoisseurs but with protection to perform. The soft and supple hand/feel is given a light tough of pigment along with exclusive finishing technology to give the leather durability for high traffic areas. Overtime will display belly wrinkles to mimic the look of a pure aniline leather. Tanned and finished in Italy. Heavy usage, color fastness 4.

* Pure Not Protected Pure Aniline – Pure is a top grain, full grain, uncorrected drum dyed pure aniline leather that is completely unprotected. Hides are tanned using a low emission mineral Tanning formula which is environmentally respectful. Hides are then re-tanned in aged oak drums using vegetable agents, natural fat liquors and oils. Expect healed scars, fat wrinkles and other natural markings. Hides originate in New Zealand and are tanned and finished in Italy. Light usage, fade resistance 3.

Rembrandt Protected Aniline Plus – Top grain full grain uncorrected leather. It is drum dyed fully penetrated aniline dyed leather. The surface cloud effect is created by applying colored pigments with a roller. Hides originate and tanned and finished in Argentina. Nice soft feel, small grain, multiple tones of color provides depth. Durable, Heavy usage, fade resistance 5.

Retro Protected Aniline Plus – Top grain, corrected uniform grain and Aniline dyed throughout the leather. A top coat of pigment with a kela antiquing effect is applied along with protection against scratches, stains and fading from sunlight. Finished with a non-shiny matt finish. These leather hides are tanned and finished in Brazil. Durable, made for heavy usage with a color fade resistance 5.

* Revolution Not Protected Pure Aniline – Revolution is a pure aniline leather that has oils impregnated into the hides. The oils create a very supple effect and highlight natural markings such as healed scars, range marks and fat wrinkles. When tailored on upholstery the leather will have a “pull up” effect or a burst effect (lighter) when pulled over corners. European hides finished in Italy. Light usage, fade resistance 3.

Salvador Protected Aniline Plus – Top grain, aniline drum dyed leather. A leather that offers exceptional value at an affordable price. This protected leather is soft and supple with a subtle two tone that provides depth and character. Featuring a silky hand with 17 fast moving colors; this leather is perfect for all styles and applications. Each hide will be unique and will exhibit natural characteristics. Heavy usage, fade resistance 5.

* Yellowstone Not Protected Pure Aniline – Uncorrected Full top grain leather that has been drum dyed with pure aniline dyes. Innovative hot wax tannage treatment highlights the natural tones of these hides. Hides are vacuumed processed to smooth the surface and facilitate the hot wax treatment. Origin English hides tanned and finished in Italy. Approximately 50 square feet per hide. Medium usage, fade resistance 3.

* Wyoming Not Protected Pure Aniline – Wyoming is a pure aniline leather with a heated wax added to the surface. Has a great feel and wide selection of colors. The hides are tumbled in drums to create a slightly crackled effect. South American hides tanned and finished in Italy. Medium usage, fade resistance 3.


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