Living Room Ideas With Brown Leather Couches

Brown is possibly one of the most popular colors for leather living room furniture. And while there are countless shades and aniline leather effects that you can choose from, it’s important to get your overall decorating style right.  To help guide you through the process of integrating a brown leather sofa in your living room, […]

Understanding The Types Of Leather Sofas Before Choosing New Furniture

Classic Leather Whitley Sofa 863 Document Calfskin med Distressed Brass Russet Majestic II

Real leather sofas are an excellent investment for almost any type of home. Not only do they look amazing in all the different styles and sizes available, but leather upholstered furniture can last for many decades.  But getting the right look, feel, and durability combination depends on a few factors that are important to understand […]

How To Care For Leather Furniture To Keep It Looking Its Best

Leathercraft After Hours Sofa Sectional 4180 leather Picadilly Wolf Pup

Leather upholstery is an amazing investment, and when you spend money on the highest quality leather, then there’s no reason why it won’t last for many decades.  But that doesn’t mean that you can simply leave your leather sofa untouched without putting in some regular effort to keep it looking great.  To help you with […]