America’s Best Full Grain Leather Sofa Manufacturers

Classic Leather Whitley Sofa 863 Document Calfskin med Distressed Brass Russet Majestic II

Here at Leather Furniture USA, we have dedicated our time and effort to find the best quality leather furniture brands in the USA.  But what does that actually mean to be one of the best manufacturing businesses in the furniture industry? It’s something that everyone researching their next great home furniture investment has to consider.  […]

Confused About Full Grain Leather Vs. Top Grain Leather?

The leather industry doesn’t tend to make it easy for customers to understand the different types of leather and their quality levels. Let’s face it, even “faux leather” sounds legit with that slightly French twist to the name.  Before you commit to an investment in an expensive new leather sofa or recliner, let me give […]

Characteristics of Quality Leather

NATURAL CHARACTERISTICS OF QUALITY LEATHER Real leather is a natural product. It breathes, is warm and has individual characteristics which make each hide unique. Leather will always bear the marks of its natural origin and these characteristics can show as healed scars, neck growth marks and areas of differing fiber density and hair pore structure. […]