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Leather Club Chairs

Our Top Grain Leather Club Chair Collection

There’s nothing like a comfortable chair to spend an evening relaxing with your favorite TV show or a good book. 

And with our collection of luxurious top grain leather club chairs, you’re guaranteed to find that special piece of furniture that becomes a centerpiece for any living space. 

But buying a club chair has to involve a careful decision process that goes beyond just buying something that looks good. 

You need to balance the style with the right type of leather, a solid wood frame material, and the right cushion construction.

Let’s start with the type and quality of leather you choose. 

Why Choose A Top Grain Leather Club Chair?

Before we look at the different types of styles, it’s important that you understand why top grain leather is such a good choice for a club chair that will get a lot of use. 

Tough Leather That Lasts Decades

Top grain leather is the second toughest type of leather, just behind full grain leather. But that shouldn’t be seen as a negative. 

While it does have the outer grain layer sanded down, most manufacturers use that as an opportunity to apply coatings that make the leather more spill and stain-resistant.

More on this shortly. 

But it’s also important to understand that top grain leather is still a very tough material that will withstand decades of use without wearing down to a level where it might tear. 

And there’s a good reason for sanding down that upper grain layer. 

Smooth Finishing Appearance

Some people specifically look for the natural imperfections of an animal hide, which includes scratches and insect bites that happen while the animal is alive. 

But it’s not the perfect addition for all types of interior design ideas as a modern home office. 

So, if you don’t want a rustic natural look for a club chair, then top grain will give you a lot more options. With different color coatings, it’s possible to achieve a completely uniform and smooth finish. 

And it’s even possible to choose something in between where you still have some subtle shades in the leather, without all the imperfections. 

Added Durability With Specialty Coating

Leather manufacturers generally recommend top grain leather for club chairs that will see a lot of heavy use. 

Whether you have a busy family home or need to provide comfortable seating in a waiting room of your office or store, then the added protection layer on top grain leather is something you have to consider. 

It’s a great way to add some of that toughness back onto the leather while providing a more uniform and smooth finish. 

It’s also the best way to ensure spills and dirt don’t end up leaving a permanent stain, as the coatings provide a protective layer to avoid liquids penetrating into the lower layers of the leather. 

Easy Care And Cleaning

Investing in a top grain club chair should not come with the constant worry of whether it will last and making sure that nobody gets close to it with food or drink. 

The great thing about treated top grain leather is that most things you spill can be easily wiped away. 

And while you do need to plan for regular maintenance and treatment, you won’t need to be as protective as you would with full-grain leather. 

But with a high-quality leather conditioner, you’ll make sure that your leather club chair looks as great in 20 years as it does on the day you take delivery. 

It’s certainly a more practical leather for a club chair that will regularly be exposed to spills. 

American Made Leather Club Chairs

The one thing we pride ourselves in is that we work only with American furniture manufacturers for our entire range. 

As a result, we bring you pieces of furniture that have been designed, planned, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. 

Every part of the process involves American craftsmanship of the highest possible standard, from the solid wood frames to the foam seat cushions and, of course, the leather itself. 

Through years of careful selection and cooperation with our manufacturing partners, we have been able to make sure that all of our customers fully support the American economy and jobs market. 

Not only will that mean you support American workers, but you also gain a piece of furniture that no imported product will come close to in quality. 

Styles Of Top Grain Leather Club Chairs 

Once you have made the decision on the type of leather chair from a quality point of view, and you understand that you also need a solid wood frame to withstand the test of time, then it’s time to look at different styles of a leather club chair. 

Let me give you some ideas. 

High-Back Design

It’s entirely a question of personal preference and what kind of room and space you’re trying to fill, but a high-back leather club chair can provide the best possible comfort. 

Imagine sitting back after a long day at work or with family life and being able to sink into a deep seat with plenty of support to relax your head and back. 

It’s one of those chair features that can give you that total relaxation effect from the moment you sit down. 

For a long time, you could only get a traditional style leather club chair with a high-back design, but manufacturers have modified some other styles to give you more options. 

Just make sure that such a style will suit your room, as they are considerably larger than others. 

Low-Back Design

Generally speaking, the low-back style will have a backrest cushion that reaches about your shoulder blades. 

They provide a more compact and neater design that is ideal when you don't want certain pieces of furniture, like an end table, to appear out of proportion.

A nice and compact leather club chair is a great way to provide extra seating without having to fill too much space alongside a sofa. 

Tufted Leather

This is one of those chair features that went out of fashion for a long time but has made quite a comeback. 

What button tufted design refers to is a set of buttons that pin back the leather to create indentations. These appear in a regular and repeating pattern and provide a very unique visual effect. 

You’ll find leather club chair options where both the back and seat are tufted, and for a rustic country style, you can also get them with nailhead trim on tapered legs and arms. 

It can be the right chair to create a centerpiece for any kind of living space. 

Modern Style

The modern design is ideal for a minimalist environment and will always create a sleek silhouette. 

You’ll notice very subtle lines that create a repeating and geometric pattern without becoming too ornate. 

Many people love these types of understatements, especially in open-plan living spaces where there are other features that should attract attention.

Imagine a large and open living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and amazing views to the outside or a room with plenty of wall art to draw in your view. 

Those are the perfect spaces for a modern club chair. 

Classical Style

The classic club chair style is mainly based on 19th-century furniture designs from England and France and focuses on refined details without making them extremely fussy. 

You will notice that the manufactured wood that is exposed on the arms or legs of a chair might have some subtle carvings. And the upholstered leather will maintain the natural shading rather than a completely uniform and smooth finish. 

Such a leather club chair will also be more likely to have a higher back to add more comfort and practicality, rather than creating just an armchair that looks nicer than it feels. 

Contemporary Style

Some people call it a timeless style because it combines club chair features from modern collections with subtle features from classical styles. 

Rather than have only straight lines and perfect geometric shapes, the contemporary armchair will include slightly curved features that make it stand out more than the typical modern style. 

They are also generally less bulky looking than the typical classic design, which makes them more suitable for use in living areas where space might be limited.

Accessories & Features

One thing you should consider when looking at club chairs is to pay attention to those that might come with optional extras and features. 

For example, you might find that buying a leather club chair with a matching ottoman and fabric pillows is a great way to complete the maximum level of comfort. 

And with some chairs featuring swivel functionality, they can transform open-plan living rooms with a practical and sophisticated touch. 

It’s always best to consider these things from the start, as this can ensure that the color and style perfectly match. 

Now let’s look at some finishing touches you need to be aware of. 

Top Grain Leather Club Chair Finishes

I mentioned above that a leather club chair made with top grain leather has a significant advantage when it comes to the finishing touches, including protection against spills. 

But there are four things to consider for the finishing touches. 


This refers to a technique of using liquid dyes that penetrate the natural hide rather than being printed or sprayed on. 

The effect of this is that there will be different tones and patterns dictated by the natural fibers with the hide. 

It’s a fantastic way for a leather club chair to stand out, as no matter what angle you look at it from, it will have a unique finish and pattern. 

There are different grades of aniline, allowing you to choose a more subtle effect. 

Protective Layer

This is an important factor and benefit of top-grain over other types of leather. While you might not have that extremely tough outer grain layer, manufacturers apply special coatings that reduce the risk of damage. 

More importantly, those coatings also limit the effect of spilling food and drink on your new club chair. 

These things inevitably happen, especially in a house with kids. 

And while that could seem like something to constantly worry about, you’ll find that it’s possible to quickly wipe away most kinds of spills without them seeping into the leather and leaving a permanent stain. 

Color Options

When it comes to color, you want to make sure that you pick a chair with a very wide range of color shades. It’s important to consider minor differences in shades so that you can make sure your new chair matches your existing interior design. 

With a top grain leather club chair, you’ll also be able to decide whether you want to have a smooth-looking and uniform color or if the natural shades of the hide should remain in place. 

It’s important to pay careful attention to that kind of color dye effect, as the shading in leather results in a very different finished product, which brings us to the last point.  

Natural Appearance

While you won’t have the natural imperfections you get with full grain, it’s still possible to achieve a look and feel which preserves the different shades within the hide. 

It’s very much a question of how the look of your armchair fits into the existing room, as it really isn’t a question of quality. 

Some spaces are ideal for the natural shading of a liquid aniline dye (see above), while other areas might require a uniform look. 

Start Browsing Through Our Club Chair Collection

All of the club chairs in our collection are made in the USA by highly skilled workers to bring you a chair that will last for decades. 

From the solid wood frame to the choice and source of leather hides, we make sure that you only receive the highest level of craftsmanship. 

And if you have any specific questions about the chairs we sell, then use the contact number on the product pages to speak with one of our support staff.