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Leathercraft Air Dream Mattress-2

  • Size 72″ long, 60″ wide, 5″ thick
  • Allergy free, odor free, mildew resistant. Flexatron cushioning material is made of heat sealed systhetic fibers creating a hypoallergenic material.
  • Platinum Damask Fabric provides for strength and durability.
  • Quilted top panel is made with plush 1 ounce Polyester fiber that is quilted into the top providing comfort and rich appearance.
  • 2.5 ounce non-woven flange is attached to the top panel and spring unit. This feature assures that the top panel will not shift after repeated use.
  • Cushioning is provided by a 1″ layer of 1.5 ounce hypoallergenic densified fiber that is upholstered between the quilted top panel and the insulator pad to provide a plush sleeping surface.
  • The insulator pad is a 1″, 1 ounce densified fiber pad that exhibits superior strength and durability compared to standard pads. Used on the top and bottom of the spring unit.
  • Coil spring unit is 4 turn bonnel spring unit, made of 13.5 gauge wire coils tied together with 17.5 gauge lacing helicals. Provides excellent support and durability. 299 springs are used for the Queen mattress.
  • 1.25″ wide binding on top and bottom seams provides seam reinforcement.
  • Meets Federal 1633CFR Standards.


Memory Foam Image

Memory Flex Mattress
Memory Flex Mattress

Premium Comfort in a sleeper mattress
A top layer of Visco Elastic memory foam over a dense polyurethane foam provides luxurious support for all contours, all topped with cushioning fiberfill.

  • Size 72″ long, 60″ wide, 5″ thick
  • Responds to body heat to conform to your body contours for better support
  • Supports your body, allowing tense muscles to relax comfortably
  • Encourages proper posture, redistributing weight evenly, relieving pressure points
  • Breathes, dispersing heat and moisture, helping you sleep better
  • Unique recovering memory foam slowly springs back into shape
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Meets both 16 CFR 1632 and 16 CFR 1633 Federal Flammability Standards


Leathercraft Air Dream Mattress

  • Size 72″ long, 60″ wide, 10″ thick inflated, 5″ thick deflated
  • Adds an element of comfort unavailable until now in sleep sofas
  • Gives the same appearance, dimensions and feel as a standard luxury mattress
  • Air over coil sleep surface technology inflates in 45 seconds, deflates in 30
  • Operates with a lightweight, convenient, handheld quick fill electric pump

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