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Leather Reclining Loveseats

Our Top Grain Leather Reclining Loveseat Collection

Loveseats with reclining sectional pieces have been a great invention in the furniture industry as you no longer have to buy a separate reclining chair to get that level of comfort in your living room. 

But it always comes down to the details, and one thing we recommend to all our customers is that they consider investing in top grain leather for all their seating arrangements. 

And we’ve put together a quick leather quality guide to help you justify that kind of purchase with full confidence in your decision.

Let’s start with the leather. 

Why Is Top Grain Leather Best For A Reclining Loveseat 

Top grain leather has a few very important characteristics that make it a great choice for any leather furniture that will be used a lot. 


The first thing to point out is that top grain leather is extremely durable, and it wouldn't be uncommon for this upholstery material to last for decades with the right level of care. 

The main difference to full grain leather is that manufacturers remove the outer grain layer, which makes it easier to work with and provides the possibility of adding a synthetic protective layer.

More on that below. 

As a result, you get soft leather that is of great value with a very smooth finish. 

Stain Protection

Leather manufacturers use different techniques to apply for surface protection on top grain leather. They either spray or roll these synthetic layers to provide protection from wear and tear. 

More importantly, those protective layers also act as a barrier against stains. 

If you happen to spill some food or drink, it should be possible to wipe it off before it penetrates into the lower layers of the leather upholstery and reduces the risks of a permanent stain. 

Types Of Leather You Should Avoid

OK, so you understand why top grain leather is such a good choice. But we also want to point out a couple of leather materials that you should avoid for furniture in general. 

Faux Leather

This is basically a fancy advertising term that refers to fake or completely synthetic leather. 

From a distance, it might look like leather, but it’s not going to be even remotely as durable as top grain leather. It’s prone to fading, scratching, and peeling, which is why we never recommend it for leather sofas. 

Bonded Leather

While this is technically leather, it’s important to understand how it’s made. The manufacturing process involves chopping up leftover hides into a powder and then combining it with a bonding material.

But similar to faux leather, this isn't a tough material and won’t last for many years. The first thing you might notice is that the seat cushions fade and peel, and this is not something that can be repaired. 

Genuine Leather

Yes, this is real leather, but it’s not particularly good quality. 

It might be suitable for some clothing accessories, but because it’s made of the lower and softer layers of a hide, you’ll lose a lot of the toughness and durability that top grain leather provides. 

American Made Leather Reclining Loveseat 

At Leather Furniture USA, we have spent years building relationships with the best leather furniture manufacturers in the USA. Every company that we work with has been carefully vetted to ensure that they provide the highest possible quality for our customers. 

As a result, you will receive a reclining loveseat that has great leather, a solid frame and will add a lot of value and enjoyment to your seating area. 

The American craftsmanship is of such a high standard that you simply won’t find any imported furniture that is able to compete, meaning you gain a lot more value for money. 

And when you shop from our range, you also support American jobs and families who work in American-owned factories. 

Leather Reclining Loveseat Styles

With the type and quality of leather covered, it’s now time to look at the main styles of reclining loveseats and chairs that you might want to focus on during your search. 

Classic Style

The classic or traditional styles are heavily based on French and British designs from the 19th century. They tend to stand out in a showroom as much as they will in your living space because this style includes a lot of intricate design details. 

From rolled arms with nailhead trim to sofas with elaborate carvings on exposed wood, the whole idea is to make a reclining loveseat take center stage in your room. 

Modern Style

The modern style aims to provide an understatement with subtle geometric shapes and smaller dimensions. It’s not about making the reclining loveseat stand out but rather creating an invitation to relax and enjoy the rest of the room. 

Contemporary Style

For those who prefer a bit more detail than modern furniture styles provide, you may want to look at contemporary loveseats to match your sitting area. 

They won’t be as elaborate as classic furniture and also not as simplistic as the modern ones. It’s a great addition if you’re uncertain about what styles might suit your home best. 

Reclining Loveseat Mechanisms

The last thing you need to look at carefully is the mechanism that allows you to tilt back a portion of the loveseat and lift your feet up.

In most cases, there will be a simple lever that you pull, and then you use your body weight to tilt it back. 

But if you like to have a more advanced tech feature built-in, then you may want to consider an electric mechanism. The benefit is that they tend to have more reclining positions to choose from.

But on the downside, you’ll need to make sure your reclining loveseat is close to a socket. 

Browse Our Top Grain Leather Reclining Loveseats

Start your search for that perfect reclining loveseat with our extensive leather furniture collection today. 

When you shop with us, you gain the confidence that you’ll receive the highest possible quality straight from an American factory. 

We have constantly got new arrivals, and if you’re interested in a particular product, then use the contact number or form on the product page to reach out to us.

We look forward to hearing from you.