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Classic Leather Ultradown Cushion
Ultradown II
Ultradown II

ULTRADOWN – UltraDown is the ultimate in wearability, support and comfort. Includes a resilient high-density foam core, edged in bonded polyester fiber. Down proof ticking with sewn-in gussets are filled with prime waterfowl down from the neck and belly, plus waterfowl feathers. Generous layers of high-grade polyester fibers encase the entire cushion for added comfort. This cushion component is inserted into a zippered leather case. This provides a comfortable, long lasting and sharp looking seat that keeps its shape for years to come.

ULTRADOWN II – Another option is similarly constructed as above, but includes small individually pocketed Marshall coil springs in the center of the foam core. This seat cushion will slightly spring back up when not in use therefore, holds it shape a little better over time. It also provides a very comfortable seating experience.

Underneath the seat cushion is the seating support system. It starts with heat-tempered steel coil springs underneath the cushions, secured to the seat bottom wood frame and each other using the time-honored, true 8-way hand-tying allowing for a comfortable seat plus durability. This traditional high-end construction method stabilizes the coil springs and causes the entire spring set to work in unison for maximum comfort.

Like the seat cushions, all backs are constructed according to the unique style of the piece of furniture. Some backs will require hand tied coiled springs, some use Marshall Coil spring units, these are referred to as “tight backs” as they are built into the backrest. Other styles will have bustle, semi- attached, or loose/attached cushion backs. All are hand constructed by craftsmen to ensure a level of comfort that will meet or exceed the demands of our customers. Each is hand cut, filled, weighed and sewn with generous amounts of Dacron polyester fiber into channeled bags (to prevent drift), which are then inserted into zippered leather casings. All of this attention to detail results in the most comfortable and durable seat possible!

Recent regulatory changes in California and media attention has prompted a number of customers to inquire about the chemicals used in furniture. The primary interest revolves around flame retardant chemicals in the polyurethane foam used in furniture. Classic Leather has removed all flame retardant chemicals from their polyurethane foam as of August 2012. Chemicals that were of particular concern were TDCPP, TDCEP, TDCP, and Penta Bromine’s. These chemicals haven’t been used by Classic Leather for a number of years.


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