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Comfort Design Leather Colors – All furniture pieces are covered entirely in your choice of the following premium quality 100% top grain Aniline leathers. Less durable and less costly types of leather are not used on our furniture, such as faux leather, split leather, bonded leather, bicast leather or vinyls. Price is based upon Grade selected and Grades are noted G1 (least cost Grade 1) through G10. All leather cowhides are of the same premium quality, the difference in price is due to the effort done by the tannery to create a specific look or feel such as 2-tone, 3-tones of color or antique or manuscript appearance. The cost of the extra effort by the tannery generates the higher grade leather cost. Below the Comfort Design leather colors are the leather color descriptions written by the tannery to describe what they created.

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Ravenwood Walnut

Leather Characteristics







In a world of manmade materials, real leather is a natural product like gemstones, exotic woods or any other natural material, hides vary in beauty and integrity. All manners of influences can affect their look and texture – genetics, environment and handling of the hide. Over its life, every hide acquires a personality. The inevitable accumulation of wrinkles and stretch marks, run-ins with barbed wire, healed scars, encounters with insects, thorns and branding irons leave “beauty” marks sometimes called range marks. All of these events combine to give each genuine hide a distinctive character and are not considered flaws.

Leather Types

Corrected Aniline Leathers
This top grain Aniline leather has had its natural full grain slightly buffed off and replaced with an embossed grain. This corrected grain process removes most natural range marks, scars, insect bites and scratches and provides a more consistent uniform grain appearance. After the leather is aniline dyed, a thin coat of color pigment is applied providing a more uniform color appearance. Next, a light protective finish coat is applied to provide resistance to scratches, stains, and fading from sunlight, all without altering its natural softness.

Protected Aniline Leathers
This top grain Aniline leather maintains its natural full grain and has minimal marks, scars and scratches. After the leather is aniline dyed, a thin coat of color pigment is applied providing a more uniform color appearance. Next, a light protective finish coat is applied to provide resistance to scratches, stains and fading from sunlight, all without altering its natural softness.

Slightly Protected Aniline Leathers
This top grain, natural full grain Aniline leather has minimal marks, scars and scratches. After the leather is aniline dyed, a thin coat of color pigment is applied providing a more uniform color appearance. Protection against scratches, stains and fade resistance is limited on these hides.

Pull-Up Aniline Leathers
Pull-up leathers are aniline dyed hides that have a waxed or oil base pull-up finish that creates a subtle color burst and highlights when the leather is stretched or pulled around corners. These top grain, full grain hides include all the natural markings to create a warm, worn or rustic look. Protection is very limited on these hides.

No Protection – Natural – Full-Aniline Leather
These cow hides have the least amount of natural range marks. They are tanned to be buttery soft with natural scars and markings still visible. These hides will show variation, because different parts of the hides absorb the dye differently, plus different hides will absorb the dye differently. In some cases these top grain, full grain Aniline hides are cut thicker and shrunk to enhance the grain, creating an extremely rich hand or feel. A leather connoisseur would select these leathers.

Leather Color Pattern Descriptions

ABILENE – protected – (Family Friendly) Abilene has a thick pebble grain that is semi-aniline dyed with a protective coat. The finish is applied in four stages and each hide is twice drummed to create the initial crackle effect. The Italian tannage, using the highest grades of aniline dyes in just the right combination, enables this richness and transparency in the product with just the right sheen. The corrected grain structure provides elegance to any decor yet it is rugged enough to survive everyday life.

ARENA – not protected – Arena begins with South American hides which are finished with aniline dyes and vacuum dried. This is a top grain, full grain leather meaning that the grain has not been altered therefore shows all natural markings. Arena is a thick leather with just the right level of pull up. Pull up meaning – When the leather is stretched the lighter color underneath appears and the subtle high low contrast is what makes this product unique. Not too much sheen but by using the highest grades of dyes available, this enables the richness of the tannage to come up to the surface of the leather and create this mottled effect. Different shades within a hide are to be expected.

BADDEN – no protection – Badden is the perfect complement of Old World look and Modern Day Transitional sophistication produced on USA\European raw material with hides averaging 50+ feet. It is a full body leather with a soft wax finish that exudes simple yet sophisticated elegance. Badden has light pull up qualities throughout the hide that provides subtle variations in depth to enhance its visual appearance. It is a truly eclectic leather that will upholster beautifully and develop a rich patina with time and with age.

BADLANDS – slight protection – A leather that has remarkable character with rustic elegance that recaptures vintage charm. Even in a new home with new furnishings, we all long for a sense of the past and Badlands has an old world charm that plays beautifully alongside new world sensibility. The leather is a full bodied, natural grain with a nap feel. It is hand antiqued to create the nubuck effect with the highs and lows of the colors coming through in different tones. The raw materials are acquired from South America. This leather can be maintained by light dusting.

BOMBER – no protection – Bomber is an Italian, handcrafted nubuck (suede type), finished in the valley of Arzignano. This full aniline leather is delicately sanded to uncover a suede nap, that only the finest European hides can truly accentuate. With a silky smooth surface, the oils on top will help with the continuing patina of this stunning article over time.

BUCHINGHAM – no protection – Buchingham is cradfted by a fifth generation tannery. It features an incredibly soft, full-bodied hand/feel achieved through an innovative tanning process designed to maximize this leather’s tactile appeal. It has a subtle, yet overall aesthetic, offering additional character and dimension. It will tailor beautifully on a variety of applications, making it an even more versatile option for interiors.

BRONX – protected – (Family Friendly) Bronx is a two toned, semi-aniline dyed, leather with a corrected top grain. These South American hides are carefully selected and then tanned and dyed in Europe using state of the art methods. Because of the tight, small grain, this leather is even, consistent, and smooth. The two-tone adds dimension and depth while the finish adds brightness to this classic, traditional leather.

CASHMERE – no protection – As the name suggests, this leather is soft and luxurious. Cashmere is a top grain, full aniline drum dyed Nubuck (Suede) leather. The finish is distressed and buffed to create that soft buttery hand/feel that we all desire to feel. This article is unique as each hide is processed individually, this creates attractive color highlights throughout the hide. As a Nubuck Aniline article, spills and stains should be taken care of promptly.

CHESTERFIELD – protected – (Family Friendly) Chesterfield is a medium weight, semi-aniline leather. It has a unique character that is achieved by the hides being buffed multiple times and in a random pattern. This, combined with the tanning process, renders a natural pebble grain look and the appearance of a hand rubbed, aged leather. This hide proudly shows off all of nature’s signatures: neck wrinkles, stretch marks, healed scars and insect bites…all of the natural markings that are your assurance of this leather’s genuineness.

DURANGO – protected – (Family Friendly) Design, Durability… Durango! Durango is the best of both worlds for today’s consumer – soft and supple leather with a protection and clean ability story. Durango is a slightly corrected hide that is finished in a unique way mixing aniline dyestuffs and pigments. By using primarily aniline dyes the hides remain soft to the touch while the addition of some pigments adds durability and ease of cleaning. The final color also remains much more consistent than that of conventional aniline leathers.

GENEVA – no protection – Geneva is a true classic. It was created from the ground up in keeping with time honored leather techniques from the past. It starts with the best European raw material for a nice sturdy base. Then aniline dye it with the best dyes in northern Italy, and is then topped with a thick coat of wax for a two-tone effect when pulled. The thickness of the hide helps to create a sophisticated distressed leather imitates old world charm that plays beautifully alongside new world sensibility.

HESTERFIELD – protected – (Family Friendly) is an aniline dyed, corrected grain leather finished in a two-tone manner that renders and ever-so-slight cloudy appearance. It is a glove soft leather with a silky hand touch that adapts to all upholstery applications with ease. The natural glow and depth created by the two-tone effect enhances the sophisticated appeal of this leather, some shading with in a hide is to be expected.

JAMES RIVER – protected – The adage that you can’t judge a book by its cover nicely sums up the allure of James River. This full grain article has lurking just below its “cover” a very alluring and appealing surprise… a tri-tone color combination that evokes a sense of prestige and history. The visual image created by the hand crafted on-the-furniture rub-off technique is normally only achieved through years of use and enjoyment. As a full grain leather, it will show all natural range markings.

LAFAYETTE – protected – The ultimate leather for achieving a refined piece of furniture. This leather has just the right amount of luster and the hand/feel is undeniably appealing. This leather has a perfect blend of top grain with a great transparency that comes from within the leather as it is hand tipped to create the two tone effect. The hides come from South America and crafted by Italians with an eye for taste that cannot be matched anywhere in the world.

LANDY – protected (Family Friendly) – Truly a leather for everyone, Landy is an aniline article with a Crypton finish. This leather has a waxy, distressed finish resulting in a casual, aged appearance that highlights the natural markings of an authentic leather. The Crypton finish allows it to be used with confidence in settings where other leathers may fail. It is stain resistant, Bleach cleanable and antibacterial.

LEGENDS – slight protection – Dyes and waxes are hand applied to the South American raw material to impart a transparent clarity. This coupled with a heavy substrate gives the leather a pebble grain appearance. All of the Aniline dyes applied to the hides are hand rubbed in North Carolina by skilled artisans drawing from years of experience to give hides an impressive patina. A light protective top utilizing a proprietary wax formulation creates a subtle touch and makes the leather suitable for active family homes. Different shades within the hide are to be expected. This is a full grain leather meaning the grain has not been altered and because of the depth and transparency of this leather, natural markings should be appreciated as nature’s autograph of authenticity found in the finest leathers.

RAVENWOOD – protected – Ravenwood is a true throwback to the old 1920’s and 30’s vegetable tanned leathers that were prevalent in the leather suitcase and handbag industries. It blends the vegetable tanning techniques of the past with today’s modern technology to achieve the look and feel of yesteryear. Ravenwood is an Aniline Plus, full grain leather made of European raw material. As a full grain leather (not corrected) it will show natural range markings. A specially made kela roller applies the “two-tone” effect that gives each hide its own distinct look and coloration. Finally the hides are milled (the process of tumbling the hides in a large drum) to reach the soft yet full and plum hand/feel.

SOFIA – protected – (Family Friendly) Just one touch and you can feel the quality and care that goes into this article. It is a single toned pigmented leather with a corrected grain and natural sheen finish that feels and looks luxurious. Each hide has a smooth and natural grain look. Bringing bright colors along with traditional ones, this leather can be used throughout the marketplace. Brazilian raw materials tanned in Brazil, these hides are not only beautiful but durable.

STALLONE – slight protected – This is a top grain, aniline dyed leather made with European hides. This article has no stucco and it is completely natural with no resins. It is sanded by hand to create a soft nap feel and a light wax is applied on it to improve the “suede” touch. The combination of the “work by hand” and the velvet touch make this leather suitable for transitional and contemporary design.

STEAMBOAT – protected – (Family Friendly) Steamboat is a corrected grain leather with a unique wax and pigmented finish. Due to the infusion of waxes in the finishing process, the leather will lighten up at natural stress points when upholstered. These areas will only serve to highlight the intrinsic beauty of this article.

TEMPRA – protected – (Family Friendly) Tempra begins with whole bovine hides from South America. These hides are finished with aniline dyes and frame dyed with a light buffing on the surface grain. This leather has a thick feel to it with a pebble natural grain. It is super soft and full of body. Under normal usage, dusting and vacuuming is all that is necessary to clean and maintain this leather.

TEXAS – slight protection – Texas is a full grain leather with a Nubuck look made only with the highest grades of aniline dyes. The finishing is made with natural colored synthetic waxes, so the surface is transparent and it gives the leather a nice smooth sheen and such a subtle feel.

VINTAGE – protected – (Family Friendly) Vintage is a leather that replicates the aged and processed timeless look that a leather normally only achieves through years of use and wear. The hides are from the top selection of South American raw material and are lightly corrected to reduce surface range markings. They are aniline dyed and given a durable yet soft finished top coat. The mottled, two-tone effect of Vintage is created by the hides first going through a special spray machine and then being tumbled in a wooden drying drum.

WILD – slight protection – Untamed beauty is the characteristic that define Wild’s exotic free spirit. A top grain, full grain leather that will develop a patina over time and shows all natural markings. This nude surface is processed using natural fat liquors and oils which act as a conditioner and provides surface protection. Wild is processed using low emission mineral tanning formulas which are environmentally respectful. The hides are re-tanned in aged oak drums using vegetable agents with dyes that ensure the leather is properly through dyed. Because of the natural tanning process, color variations may occur.

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